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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Are teenagers using F*** more often??

I have been thinking about what our deputy principal, Brother Mike had said. Have we really gotten more vulgar?? He has set rules on using vulgar words like "f***", assuring us that he will suspend any student who uses it, and also punish any teacher who don't take action on the offending student. However, I doubt it will have any long-lasting effect.

I agree that what used to be simple expressions like "it is very difficult", " it is a very hot day" has becomed "it is f***ing difficult", "it is a f***ing hot day". People, especially teenagers, have gone around, replacing the word "very" with "f***ing". Use of vulgar languages like these have increasingly become distorted and are fast becoming the "in" thing.

There is no need to catch a person in the act of saying it. With the explosion of blogs, you just have to look around and you will sure to pass a blog that has these expressions. More often, you will find that a blog containing such languages are popular.

Adults, may find that they are "mature" already, and can use this words loosely, or what chinese might say: "把这些脏话挂在嘴里". They, thinking that they have the right to use these words, but don't realise what effect these might have on their children. Though they may have warned their "young ones" against the use of such languages, but that will only make them want to use it more. Moreover, doesn't forbidden fruit taste sweeter?? I believe that was what got them, the "adults" to use it in the first place!!

Is this the the undesired side effects of a society that is starting to "open up"?? People exercising their "freedom of speech"??

The society at large is claiming to be more educated nowadays. But does education means the promotion of such words?

However, I feel that the usage of such words only goes to show their ineptitude at the language.

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