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Friday, July 22, 2005

Yes!! the long wait over!!

Made an unexpected trip to the new National Library. omg, you should see that place, the section on fiction already has about 16 bookshelves!! Imagine the whole library! There are 6 levels of reference section, seperated into the 4 languages and genre!! The whole place has 13 stories excluding the upper levels which were out-of-bounds at that time. They have the central lending library at the basement. The library even have newspapers from all over the world!! US, UK, China, Taiwan, India, you name it, they have it. Whats more?? Many are same day issues!!

Thought me and Jeremy would be the only few students there. oh boy.... how wrong we were. Students from other schools were already there studying when we arrived. Tables were all filled up.

However, our visit was spoilt by a security guard at the 10th level (i think). The freakin' guard asked us to deposit our bags in the locker. We didn't, thus we went up to the next level instead. When we came back down, we saw people walking in and out with their bags happily on the shoulders!!!! Such discrepancy on the 1st day?? It isn't a good start.

Visited Rockson Tan's blog ( i linked him ) on Kenneth Tan's recommendation. haha... had a hearty laugh. The entries were sometimes controversial yet funny. haha... so much expletives!!Reminds me of XiaXue (linked her too) ...however, her site got hacked.. its just so unlucky.

hmm... I don't think the world expected another bomb blast in London. But we've got to hand to to the British people. They didn't even flinch after the bomb blast. There wasn't even a rush to get out of the country. It just shows how determined Londoners are.
I think Singaporeans' reaction to the NKF incident was even more serious/severe than the Londoners after the bomb blast.

From my point of view, I seriously question the morality of another bomb attack. Its just senseless killings for no cause. I don't think that by doing this, they would accelerate the already escalating tension in the world.

I wish they would just fly themselves into some secluded area like the artic and denotate themselves there. This way, no innocent civilians will get killed, and they would get their wish of blowing themselves into smithereens.

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