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Monday, May 29, 2006

The start of the so-called June Holidays

Did I just say June Holidays?? Maybe I should just leave out the word "holidays".
Not much of a holiday if you have to go back to school everyday for lessons. On my way to school, I saw that even the nearby primary school had lessons.

That comes another question: "What do they actually mean by the word holidays??". Looks like our definition of it is flawed. We still have homework, we still have lessons and we still have to go to school. Not much difference is there??
Oh wait, here comes the teachers definition: "more time to do homework, slightly more time for leisure, longer hours of sleep. Isn't it a perfect holiday??!!". You bet!! NOT!

Thankfully this will only go on for about one and a half weeks, thereafter we will have our holidays.

Eh?! wait!! Not so fast! We won't let you off so easily!! June Common Test is coming right after the holidays!! No slacking!! Study!!

Ok ok... throw in a round of competition and there you have it — your leisure!

Wow!! Isn't this a PERFECT holiday??

Friday, May 26, 2006

The end of the tournament Season

It has finally ended.. The 'A' Division Tenpin bowling Championships. After 18 games, looks like I have to be contented with a 37th placing out of 149 -- a remarkable feat, considering I only had about 5-6weeks of training.
Made a 37 placing improvement too. I was ranked 74th (very embrassingly) on the first day. haha... That meant a prgression from the second page to the first page of the results. Lol.

Sadly. TJC got 5th position overall, losing our seeded title. Looks like next year I wouldn't see much of my secondary school friends during the Nationals. Their JCs made it to the seeded squad. Oh well.. its just too bad.

Master's event today. Rodney and Glenda qualified. However, both landed up in the 4th position with a pinfall of 1740 + 50 and 1661 + 45 over 9 games respectively, losing to the 3rd position by a mere 21 pins each. It's really a pity. Both were displaced at the last minute, with a spectacular showing in the last game by a few others. I twas a Nerve-wrecking moment for many people, especially the coaches.

And with that, marks the end of the 2006 National Schools Bowling Tournament.

My National Youth Forum (NYF) interview has also passed. I doubt I will make it. Had to face an interview with a panel of 10 people (or more.. I not sure). My brain literally stopped functioning. didn't expect so many people. Though it would be a panel of 2-3people only. I didn't even know what I was saying. Sighz... Really no confidence over this one.

Anyway, tomorrow going out to celebrate Glenda's B'day. Don't know why they chose the airport as the venue. Lolx.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lots of Matters

The National Schools competition is now ongoing.. tomorrow is doubles. Like Qwhee said.. "No targets".. There will not be any targets set. We will just go there, have fun and be give our best.

Next week is abit worrying. It will be the last week of school before the June Holidays. However, I will be missing school everyday except Tuesday due to competition. That adds up to alot of lessons lost. Thankfully the last few days will be the sports carnival.

Trying to psych (psyche) myself out of all worries. Wednesday I will also have an interview with the NYF panel. Don't know how what will be the outcome.


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