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Friday, June 30, 2006

Is all over!!

Yup its over alright.. if there is even any hope of passing, I don't really see it now. Don't see any silver lining in any clouds when I came back.

I didn't even have the mood to switch on my computer after the whole thing.
The examination itself was filled with drama...

First there was the voices of agony when we all came out from Chemistry JCT.
Then there was a blackout during the Chinese JCT. The invigilator was the highlight...

She said "No need to talk in a blackout. Please continue your work..." (NOT quoted verbatim)
It was a blackout!! According to dictionary.com, a blackout is the lack of illumination caused by an electrical power failure... How are we supposed to do our work in a power failure without any lights??

Then during our make-up listening comprehension, one guy walked in jiggling his keys!
I can't believe that he didn't know that it was "examination-in-progress"!

Anyway, went out for a movie straight after the last paper. The movie "Just my Luck" was hilarious. If "luck" can be converted into money, that kiss really worth alot.

Found some videos on Disney's High School Musical. Was so bored with the other shows on other channels that I switched to Disney Channel. Surprisingly, the show was quite good. The songs aren't too bad either.

Get'cha Head In The Game

Breaking Free

Going to relax for a while. My Chinese 'A' Level Oral examination is scheduled to be held the following week. So fast....

Thursday, June 22, 2006

JCT Exams

Yup... every minute that pass now brings me and the rest of the JC1s closer to the June Common Tests....

Frantic would be an understatement as I still have not covered my content fully yet. Still have so much to do and only 3 days left.

The frequency at which I blog this few weeks may become abit erratic. Will resume regular postings once exam finishes on 29th June.

I still have a few more layouts which are in development. Just rolled out version 10 (Stepping Stones), 11 (Simplicity) and 12 (Bleach: Zangetsu-Ichigo ) a few days ago.

Anyway, got to head back to the books again soon.

Monday, June 19, 2006

New Skins / Layouts (Bleach, Simplicity and Stepping Stones)

Took my blog a step further...

I've introduced new Skins / layouts.
On top of this current "Stepping Stones" Skin / Layout, I've added "Simp-1-city" and "Bleach (Anime)" Skin / Layout.

The layouts can be accessed via the sidebar. Take a look and pick your favourite. The user's preference will be "saved" so that the next time you visit, the layout will be used.

Check that section often as I will be adding more layouts after my examinations are over. For now, enjoy this 3.

List of Layouts / Skins:
Stepping Stone
Bleach (Anime)

The Picture used in the Stepping Stones layout is taken by me.
As for the Bleach and Simplicity, the pictures were obtained from bleachexile and google search repectively. However, they have been edited and enhanced using GIMP and Photoshop. A few new elements were added to the Bleach picture.

Please feel free to give your comments via the tagboard. If something doesn't work, please inform me also.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

A ring tone meant to fall on deaf ears

Yup... its on the Straits Times today.
Its was a small article though. However, this ringtone (here) has been on international news. New York Times published an article on it on June 12, 2006 (Article).

Handphones are supposed to be switched off in class. However, in these settings where cellphone use is not allowed, these ringtones which the adults supposedly cannot hear is perfect for signalling the arrival of messages. Studies have shown that adults (most) would gradually lose the ability to hear high-pitched sounds

The ringtone that is an the offshoot of an invention called the Mosquito, developed last year by a Welsh security company to annoy teenagers and gratify adults, not the other way around. It is an ear-splitting 17-kilohertz buzzer.

However in face of younger teachers, this method may fall short, only irritating the teacher further. I for one would not try it. I doubt this ringtone would work with our teachers who are only in their 20s.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Memories of SJI 403 (2006)

Memories of SJI 403 (2006)

A video tribute.


Haha.. Zack! and the chinese teacher... Always at each other's throat.


Yup.. SOOooo memorable. Didn't even know the existence of some of the photos. haha.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

National Age Group oiling patterns

The oiling pattern for National Age Group tomorrow. Although the pictures are not very clear.

National Age Group Oiling pattern Posted by Picasa

Key Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 10, 2006

PW implementation

Its Saturday again. That leaves 2 weeks till school re-opens, marking the start of out JCTs.

Yeah!! Finally the headache is over. The implementation of out Project work has been carried out and it is now over.

Finally got the pictures on my computer... It took up all my memory in my memory card in my handphone... Left almost no space for any other items.

A day by the beach Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

EXpensive COmmittee

"Whats that?" you may ask. actually its just a joke we came up with at the Bowling EXCO meeting today. Supposed to represent Executive Committee. But we joked about it. Went to Haagen-Daz.. Haha..

Anyway, back to the issue (and I still haven't type the minutes of meeting...), discussed quite a bit today, especially on the future prospects of the team. Got quite a number of problems already. And we have many things to plan.

For starters, the resuming of training, the time as well as the second DSA trial. The rest of the meeting will be released when the appropriate time comes.

In the morning, was also our implementation of our Project Work. Enfresdezh got quite angry as they were coming in late. However, it was quite fun. Played basketball, captains ball and soccer. Too bad I had to leave for my meeting before I could get a chance to use the gym. Surprisingly, we managed to get the gym key.

Tomorrow will be another hectic day. They are saying that they want to go East Coast Park. Sighz. It is really a huge problem. Don't even know how to go home from there. No bus to any place which I can take another transport home. So troublesome!!!!


So far, there hasn't been time for any study. All the time taken by school and other commitments. Getting abit frantic about JCT. Mext week will be National Age Group. Again no time to study.

No choice. The only other thing I can do is to depend on luck. LOL.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Yup.. very pissed..

Suddenly everything seems to be dropping on me. Project Work is creeping up like some vine tying us down.

Then there are other commitments... When can I find time to study? As of now, I am discussing work in the other Window.
I just couldn't take it.

Went bowling to relief stress today. Lanes are so hard to bowl. Like a personification of my week. Bowled 9 Games. Lolx. They were having promotion. A dollar a game. Wow!!.. It felt good.
Then some primary school (or are they secondary school? I not sure). Ok, nevermind about that. Anyway, those irritating idiots came and hog our lanes even before we could finish. I already tried to ignore them. Animals they were.. seriously got some loose jaw or mouth, started scolding vulgar language. That seriously pissed me off. Wanted to tell them off, but in the end didn't. Didn't want to waste by breath on them.

Oh well.

Results for the Bowling EXCO is also out. This year we have a 5 member EXCO, up from 3. I made it in. However, now I know why our seniors are happy to unload the duties. In fact, got a meeting with the teacher in charge this wednesday.

Anyway, got to go back to the discussion.

Thats all for now.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

bonded to a chair?

Yup.. That right. Almost got ionic / covalently bonded to a chair.
8am to 12pm!!! 4 hours of Chemistry. Thankfully my brain didn't crystallize.
Had to miss the PDP talk, although I'm not complaining about that.

Suppose to have another PW meeting. However, ended up running around the school finding teachers.

Yesterday was also similar. Had Maths in the morning before the Biology 'A' Level SPA (Science Practical Assessment). Thereafter it was another PW meeting. Had to discuss how to implement the programme.

After splitting up, went home with Phebe. haha. Nice to have a neighbour for a classmate. Suddenly both of us just got the urge to go for a movie. So went over to princess. Unluckily, got spotted by some of Phebe's friends and they assumed... She had a hard time convincing them otherwise...

I really wonder is there anything wrong watching movie with a girl? Must it always mean that there is something going on between the two parties?? Maybe I'm too idealistic to think otherwise?

There must be something about scandals that just appeals to people. People just love it, and would do anything to propagate it.

Anyway, over the hedge was nice. Supposed to watch with a certain person but that person never wait and go watch it first... Grr...
Back to the show, it certainly has its hilarious moments. especially rj and hammy (is that the name?? Cannot remember properly.) the The tickets were cheap too.. Lolx.

Have bowling training tomorrow. Supposed to be the last one before the June Common Test. Tomorrow will also be the handover of roles. The JC2 are to "retire". Don't know who will take over as captain. Even the current captain has no idea.
Held together would the DSA Bowling selections for next year. Don't know how many sec 4s would be coming. But seems that we have quite a handfull.

Till tomorrow then.

Oops.. have to go out now...

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