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Sunday, July 17, 2005

1st Bloggers.sg Blogging Convention 2005

Didn't know had a blogging convention in Singapore as I didn't visit http://tomorrow.sg site for some time already.
Well, couldn't join the party anyway as I am still 16, below the cut-off point of 18 yrs old.

However, according to the reporter, the results of the convention was "neither riverting nor provocative", ppl "seemed guarded, as if uncomfortable without the protection of their online personas".

The blogging convention thus proved one thing, that technology is fast eroding our social skills.
Ok.... I know that many are familiar with the 'stereotypical argument' regarding this subject, but until now, i was as sceptical as anybody else.

Hiding behind and online persona and talking is one of the easiest things to do. Sometimes it is easier to ask for something online rather than face-to-face to prevent some awkward moments. I have experience that before and I am sure so does most of you out there.

Does that mean that we have to give up this online persona's as well as the 'security' people feel when hiding behind it? I definately do not think so.

As technology imoproves, so will communication thru the net. All this side effects will also be inevitably introduced. Just like medicines, they are beneficial if used properly. If abused, can caused undesirable effects. Even though people feel the ease to communicate thru the internet, we also must not neglect to develop our social skills.

hmm... Maybe it will be good to have a social skills workshop after having received this type of response...

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