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Monday, August 28, 2006

Attaching tomorrow.... and 4 other things

5. Things in total.


haha... Funny heading. But yar.. tomorrow will be reporting to the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) instead of school. Oh man... Its so far... all the way to biopolis... But I aren't going to complain...

Missing a few tests though... Have to do a make-up for those... (i.e. going back to school during the holidays to do)...

I already cleared my "tests deficit"... I sat for the this wednesday's Chinese test in advance last friday.... Then I sat for the long overdue biology test on eukaryotic and prokaryotic genome today. Going to do the economics test during the holidays... Don't know about the maths test though....

Whats more, I'll be missing teacher's day celebration... so sad... cannot go back to my secondary school as I'll be dismissed at 5pm from IMCB.

haiz... guess I'll just have to make do with an sms to my teachers...

2. Pluto

Yup. I'm sure many of you have read or heard about it by now. Our solar system has shrunk.. We have 8 planets now as opposed to what we used to believe. This is because of the demotion of pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet.

This demotion arised from the new consensus among astrologist/scientist who agree to a new definition of a planet. Thus although we have 11 objects of masses (inlcuding Xena and another dwarf planet), only 8 are full planets now.

So now, other than the sun, we have Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Urananus, Neptune. Effectively, the common way in which we learnt the planets of the solar system last time (i.e. My Very Excellent Mother Just Serve Us Nine Pies)have to go without the pies.

3. Fun with Firefox

It really marvels me the things you can do in firefox. haha... Was playing around with some plugins.

My google homepage:

My Gmail login page

Those photos are really screenshots of my computer.. and not an edited image... Lolx

Its quite fun playing with user applied stylesheets... Although they are visible only on my computer.. But the results are quite statisfying. You can actually turn certain sites which you find difficult to read, or sites that has layouts which you don't quite like into something visibly pleasing to you.

4 .About YouTube

I heard that youtube has revised its site terms... So its advisable for those who upload there to take a look at the site terms again.

5. Site design

I've been thinking of it for a while but haven't really got to designing it yet. I've got a few concepts currently in mind. Since its been so long already, I've decided that I will give a total overhaul to this blog as well as to my website.

This web will undergo base r-ecoding, which will re-shuffle everything into a hierarchical order, from masthead to navigation to content. All these are really part of semantic web coding. The current layout, has taken a step into CSS, but it hasn't really reached a standard which I like. There were still some workarounds which I employed. Moreover, it definitely has some accessiblity issues which needs to be ironed out. I was also thinking of using some AJAX to spice up the blog interactivity, or even add a portfolio of my past designs.

As for the main site, I'm still learning the ins and outs of a Content Management System (CMS). It the CMS system prove too much, I may just resort to wordpress, a blogging system.

oh well... so much to do, so little time....


Saturday, August 26, 2006


Don't know... didn't switch on the computer the whole day till now.

However, for some reason didn't get much things done.
So bored. Stoning the whole day...

Arrgh.. what am I to do!?

Joined the web standards group. Yup. Wished there is an influx in people using web standards, thus eliminating the dependency on one browser especially Internet

Explorer (IE).

However, I must add that IE 7 is really a major improvement. It has seriously improved support for standards and I applaud the changes made. It is now at Release Candidate 1.

Hoping that blogger will go out of beta soon. Then can make use of the new functions, especially the catergory filing. yup

-Stoned out-

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wi-Fi Free? as well as Food Surprise

Saw something interesting.


I am sure there are people who have seen this sign before...I won't mention where I saw this sign. I even took out the name.

I have been wondering for a while what was wrong with it. Then it finally "hit" me.

I am sure we know what the difference between "free sugar" and "sugar free".

Same thing applies here....

Since the place is boasting a free wireless service, shouldn't the sign read "free wifi access"?"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but won't the phrase "wi-fi free hotspot" imply that the place has no wi-fi?

On the sidenote, I fell sick again. Can't even swallow the food properly.. My throat is seriously inflamed. Ouch..

Went to the doctor yesterday. Told me to stay at home, and don't even think about going to school. First time he gave such specfic instruction.

Almost swallowed some metal thing when I went for lunch after seeing the doctor.

Below is a picture:

metal in Food

Luckily, a wasn't drowsy enough not to notice it.

Anyway, here I am, confined to the 4 walls of the house. Didn't even go to school today.. Don't know how the presentation went. Luckily, I did the presentation in html instead of powerpoint. At least they could use it through the browser.

Oh well.. drowsy again... 5 different kinds of medicine. Mostly medicine which will cause drowsiness...


Monday, August 21, 2006


I'm sick............

Got "ordered" to rest at home.

oh well.. thats all I can say. Shouold be resting now...

Friday, August 18, 2006


yup.. trainings will be put on hold soon... Next week will be tha last week of training... There goes another avenue to vent frustrations.


Today's training was relatively ok... I actually felt 2 hours was too little... haha... I guess its gotta do with the last 2 training mindset... Didn't even attend the gamma house function today at 6.30pm. Oh well, look forward to beta house function... Anyway, I'm no longer in gamma since after orientation... HaHa.


Today's lessons was actually quite hilarious... Especially since we had two "project" presentations (one for economics, another GP).

GP came first. it was quite a miracle how we managed to come up with something for the presentation... we were supposed to "sell" a specified item, i.e. making a sales pitch. No planning, no prior discussions.... We sort of straggled in and presented something... (by the way, our item was a "3 legged donkey")

Then next was Econs presentation. We were supposed to do during our lunch, seeing that we didn't do it yesterday as too few of us were online. Then, we landed up listening to Mr Brown's Podcast... Didn't start doing anything till 3 minutes before the lessons starts. The only thing we did was to input all the suggested websites to read-up.

Dreading class, we walked in, unprepared, unsure and no idea what to do. Since there were 4 groups, we had to "draw lots" to pick who goes first. So unlucky.. got number 1.

Somehow, we managed to persuade our econs teacher to let the other group go first. haha... Secretly (or rather, not so secretly, because we weren't exactly hiding..) we were making the powerpoint as the other groups presented...

The last bell sounded so sweet... Since we didn't manage to finish with the other 3 groups, our presentation was postponed to Monday.. *phew

But sadly, now, we got alot more work to do. With a deadline on the Econs report on monday, and the virtual deadline of our PW written report set on firday, on top of the lecture test on the whole of Organization and Control of Eukaryotic Genome as well as Prokaryotes (both of which are quite "big" topics) on Tuesday, our schedule gonna be tight.

Other Musings

Looks like I'm gonna exceed this months handphone bill again. it was my first time last month... and looks like the same thing is going to repeat itself this month.

Last month was outgoing calls... This month gonna be sms...


.....Gensephyr, out. =)

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Regarding communications, it seems that I have some untold words written across my arms which says "pinch" me. And yesterday, I obtained a 7cm long scratch... courtesy of a certain someone who got too excited about something, and put or rather "drilled" 3 fingers into my side/waist area..

Talking about communications.....

An interesting article I read on CNN... can't republish it here because of CNN's website terms.

It really makes people wonder if we are losing our real-life communication skills or it is just another step into our future... Maybe this is the next step in communication? I don't know... This isn't a monopoly.. No one can dictate how we should communicate...

It seems that IM and blogging has came from being a something extra to something that is infused in our lives.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

TPJC Invitational

Gen topped everyone and became first in today's TPJC invitational. She was spectacular...

However, there was once during the last game when a pocket shot gave a 7-10 Split...

Qwhee took a photo of her and the pins.

So nice to see her smiling so much today... =)

Gen With 7 10

Not long after, erm... to be precise, straight after that, her partner, yx ,replicated the result... Qwhee took a photo of her and the pins too.

yx with 7 10

Told yx not to put her arms that way as it didn't really look good... Don't believe... Now that she got to see the photos, she agress... sighz...

Anyway, congratulations to all the winners, including but not limited to the two featured here....

oh well.. now that I'm back home. Have to study for the Organic Chemistry test tomorrow.. Seeing that I didn't get much stuff into my head during the invitational, I better start.


Saturday, August 12, 2006


I seriously need a some re-scheduling... promos are coming and there seem to be a lack of time... During the JC1 morning assembly in the audi, the VP said to have at least 2-4 hours of study.. However, it seems to be difficult to do so...

Tried sitting down to do some serious work but nothing seems to go into my head.. Don't know, maybe the mood still hasn't come yet...

Anyway, tomorrow theres gonna be a TPJC invitational... Better bring some work there to do... If not, I'll not be able to complete my stuff when I come back as there won't be much time, with a organic chemistry test on Monday.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

National Day Theme Song

My Island Home

By Kaira Gong

This is my home

She's everything to me

Grace and beauty

In all that you see

My island home

Wherever I may be

I never will forget her

Nor will she forget me

Chorus ^

And I will sing

A song of home

A land of peace

Where dreams are born everyday

My home

Wherever I may be

I believe

You will always be a part of me ^

My island home

Home of my family

This is my future

Where I want to be

(This is my future

This is my home)

Repeat Chorus x 2

My home

Wherever I may be

I believe

You will always be a part of me

A part of me

Source: http://www.ndp.org.sg

National Day


Yes... its 9 August today. The nation will celebrate its 41st year of independence.

However, this years national day will have added significance.... This national day celebration, will be the last event to be held at the National Studium. This event can be said to be the "swan song" for the stadium, as it is due to be demolished, making way for a new stadium and sports hub.

As I am typing now, people should be streaming in to the stadium now to obtain a seat. Sadly, couldn't get any tickets. So I will be watching the LIVE telecast on Television.

Oh well.. back to work now.

Monday, August 07, 2006

no holidays?

This is so frustrating...

Finally National day celebrations has come and we get a short holiday. BUT, a holiday is hardly a holiday. It seems that holidays are meant to be time for mugging and studying.

The conventional wisdom that holidays are meant to be time for a short rest doesn't apply to students...

To start off, I really have to revise on organization of eukaryotic genome.. if not, I'll never make it in the next test which is really coming soon, but no one knows when yet. Then there is still Project Work to do. At least there is a sense of satisfaction upon having passed up the first draft of the 3000 word written report.

Tomorrow I am going to take time off work and go out.... After this I doubt I can. Promos are coming and alot are at stake. Along with our promotion to JC2, there is the Temasek Internship Programme and the taking up of H3 subjects...

Stress, stress... and our Civics Tutor commented that I lost weight... (quite observant because I did lose weight.. although not a very good sign.. ).

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