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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Comments across continents

After the London blasts, media gurus all over the world has been flocking down to report on the incident. Many comments have also emerged since..

One thing is common among all. And that is the voicing of outrage over those atrocious incidents. Many governments have already stepped forward to repudiate these terrorist actions.

What was supposed to be a short war has already dragged on for a few years already. Security everywhere has been improved, especially countries which have been in the front light as a US ally.

But, the London blast has told us a few things
-1st, the preparations are not enough. We have overlooked or even neglected to remember that the Osama Bin Laden Terrorist network is a vast,far-reaching and well-organized network.
-2nd, it proves that the transport networks, as stated in the Straits Times, is "every conurbation's Achilles heel".

These small scale blasts may not have crippled the entire transport network, but the precision of these blast have no doubt took out najor parts of the network and shaken our sense of security.

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