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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hitler cool?? You've got to be kidding me!!!....

I can never believe I will hear that expression... Hitler cool?? They really have to get their facts right. If not, I suggest they go for a mental check-up.

Alright... Alright...you may think now, why I bring up the topic of Hitler and Nazism. Actually, I am referring to today's Straits Times (26/7/05) which was talking about this group of pupils from a secondary school, named "Hitler" as their group name and idol. They also commented that he is cool. Worst of all, they are History students!! Really, I wonder what's next... Maybe Stalin's great???

All the atrocities Hitler and other dictators like him have done, I don't think the title of "cool" fits them. OK.. ok... I agree that he has a little charisma, good oratorical skills and maybe a little eccentric, but I will never define him as cool. Probably these boys are jealous of his power and crave to have something like that. Somehow, I really think they have got their principles wrong.

Maybe we should let them think, how would they feel if they were living in that era under Hitler and his Gleichschaltung Policy (of Total Control)?

The Ministry's move to minimise memorising and regurgitaion of facts should have came a long time ago. At least it is better late than never.

This incident has yet again, like the previous debate on the chinese syllabus, shown us that, after years of development and advancement, forcing students to learn by memorising in this generation will not work. More often than not, the opposite effect (for e.g. causing him/her to dislike the subject) will be acheived instead.

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