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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Arrrgh!! Can't take it anymore

Its irritating! Especially when you waited so long for the book only to get the suspense "destroyed" by your friends. I really hate that.

Yea... thats right! I am talking about Harry Potter book 6. I think I am the only handful of avid readers which have not bought the book.
What's worse than not buying is having friends who, knowing that you have not read the book, rattle off the storyline and ending (yes, majority has already finished reading the book on the day of the release..). jeez, even the papers weren't that good either. The Straits Times gave enough clues for anyone to guess what would happen. haiz. Guess that couldn't be helped.

School today was such a bore. By the end of the day, there was only about 20 people left in class. Some had to go for competition, others had to go to cheer on our Track & Field team at their Nationals.
I really wonder if more tests are going to help us. We've been having tests this whole week.

We started the week off with "disasterous" monday. We had 4 periods of maths consecutively, with two periods devoted to a test, and it was followed by Chemistry, Biology and than Physics!! That almost left us "brain drained" by the end of the day. We were just too tired.
Today, we had a Chemistry test. Well, it was ok. Cannot really complain much. However, we will have a Maths test tomorrow, followed by 2158 (History) the following day. And what's more?! Tomorrow's Racial Harmony Day, and we, because we are Sec 4s, don't get to celebrate! While the Sec 1 to 3s are happy having their extended recess, we'll be shepherd into our classes for lessons!! *Sobz*

Well... sighz. Sec 4s... *WaH*... No life at all...

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