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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ooopps! Just Too much!!

Wah... pardon me.. never blog for a while... frequency of posting getting a bit erratic.
Prelims just finished and 'O' levels starting in 3 weeks time. Been bombarded by all those past-year-papers.

Getting little or no inspiration nowadays. *sighz*

Situation in Singapore still have not stabilized yet. I am talking about the dengue cases. It is still on the rise. Seriously, by now, you would think many would raise their guard and be more vigilant about water collecting in their empty flower pots etc. But NOoo... Many still take for granted. More responsibility is needed.

Talking about responsiblity, bloggers have, in recent weeks been thrown into the limelight again and again. Last time it was Sarong Party Girl posting well... photos of herself.. causing some uneasiness within the blogosphere, then it was the defamation of A*Star. Later, in September, which is this month, 3 bloggers were charged for seditious comments. And then yesterday's newspaper talking about the disciplinary action taken against 5 tertiary students which were all females. One of them was flaming a teacher for telling a girl off because she was wearing short skirts.

Oh come on! enough already. Ain't all those actions taken against the "offenders" enough to put people on guard?? Many are still not taking care in what they write. Do you think you can easily evade responsiblity online? With the explosion of blogging as a powerful medium and a point of "rally" it is fast catching the eyes of people. Popular blogs are a prove-of-concept. Some are even efficent in raising funds then fund raising events!!
People are sitting up and taking note of this phenomenon. Governments too are doing so.

Safe? whats safe online?? With growing affluence and widespread use of computers, it is not hard to track down anyboday nowadays. All you need is a piece of software and internet connection. Voila! information is effortlessly gathered.
Hide behind an online nick/handle?? -- Useless.
What you say online can even become a basis for losing your job! Already a few people have been subjected to this.
Some people have even classified blogs as the "dark-side" of the internet.

Viruses? Trojans? Worms? Phishing? Spamming? Identity Theft? Cracking? Flaming? Macro-Viruses? Spoofing?
Oh my goodness... How much more stuff must we add to the list? This is just nuts...


Sunday, September 25, 2005


Due to the JavaScript-dependent nature of my main site @ http://gyeojz.blogspot.com, I will maintain a non-JavaScript site http://gensephyr.blogspot.com

An increasing number of people, especially security gurus would disable JavaScript thus rendering my doument NAVigation and effects useless. This is because my NAVigation menu uses the onmouseover, onclick and onmouseout events. Without JavaScript enabled, they would not work. Same goes for the progress bar.

Posts will be syncronized across the two blogs @
- http://gyeojz.blogspot.com
- http://gensephyr.blogspot.com

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Strong Signal !!!

Finally, prelim exams are over.
Can take a short break before studying for the main exams -- 'O' levels

I won't say much about my exams. Don't want to put my hopes too high. The higher I put it, the harder I will fall.....

However, something on the news made me sit up.
I guess it should be all round the internet, especially the Singapore blogosphere by now -- I am referring to the court proceedings regarding the few errant bloggers.

For those not familiar, 2, erm make that 3 guys were hauled up to court for passing racist remarks on a forum and blog respectively. It would no doubt be a "wake up" call to many, urging them take care in what they post online. These 3 are being charged under the 'Sedition Act' which was last used/invoked about 10 years ago.

EDIT: A recent news update says that if they are found guilty, they can be jailed for a minimum of 3 years / fined or both.

I don't know these people personally, and all the knowledge I have of them are inferred from newspaper reports. However, with the internet being "public domain", I felt that it was very insensitive of them to post those snide and crude remarks online, especially in a multi-racial society like Singapore.

This incident made many of us think:" should we continue blogging??" All these questions are quite pertinent when many people take to the internet which they felt was "safer" and they were more "untouchable". However, we often forget that laws targeing at "mass media" includes the internet too.

With the strong signal sent across in this case, I wonder how many people have stopped blogging altogether. Already, a few I know stopped this "habit / routine". "Not safe" would be a common answer you find among those who gave up blogging.

Many would argue that the action taken against these people were just too harsh, and we should let the online committee practise self-censorship. However, would this actually work??

To a certain extent, online censorship will work. I mentioned 'to a certain extent" because you can never be 100% sure that every single one of these "inappropriate content" will effectively be censored out. In forums, we don't have people to monitor 24/7.

Moreover, blogs are products of their respective authors and thus would reflect the authors themselves. This is what makes many blogs unique. If the authors were to make a mistake, it would get them into trouble.

Also, we must remember, inapporpriate content to some may not sound inappropriate to others. We all have different degree of tolerance. Thus a "self-censorship" may not work.

In this case, they have to bring these 3 guys to court also because of where they are -- Singapore.
Think: In a society like Singapore, where racial stability is on a delicate balance, a comment like theirs may have disastrous result. (Thank goodness it didn't happen). Taking the severity of their actions in to account, a harsh punishment against them is understandable.

So how?? What can we do? The best thing to do is to take care in what you say, be it online, or offline. I am sure many are careful in what they say on the streets or anywhere offline. We should start applying them online too (if you have not already been doing it).

Especially blogs, make sure you have edited out any undesirable comments before your "click / trigger" happy finger presses the publish button. It may be easy to retract what you say offine compared to what you publish online. Once published online, it is free to the world. It may be archived, kept in a proxy server, search engine etc. making retracting almost impossible.

Know where to draw the fine line between what is within or outside the law. No matter where we are, we are still governed by them. It is a fact we must accept.

(p.s. I have just edited my layout. Made major changes to it especially the menu. Any comments or problems with it please email me at antimatter.jz@gmail.com . Alternatively, you can tag me. Thanks)

Saturday, September 17, 2005


I feel so guilty.
Never blog for so long.

Sorry for the silence of this blog...
Having my exams which will finish in 4 days time...
Will do a proper post and update after that...

Exams not going very well.... should be able to get a decent L1R5, but don't think I will meet my expectations. sighz...
Subjects that aren't supposed to be easy are easy. Subjects that ARE supposed to be easy are difficult. damn... last two papers. Must score especially in A.Maths paper 2 as I sort of screw up Paper 1. However, must not forget E.Maths too.

Anyway, also working on a new layout... trying to get the CSS working.

Well till then...


Thursday, September 08, 2005

just for fun

Found this interesting.
Got this from the show "有话就说 Let's Shoot" on Channel 8.

They were discussing on the topic: "why do people dislike chinese"
They asked a few students, how to read the statement below:


Well?? Doesn't sound right??

The correct way of reading is :
种 zhong(4) 花 hua(1) 种 zhong(3) ,
种 zhong(3) 种zhong(3) 种zhong(4),
种 zhong(3) 种 zhong(3) 香 xiang (1) .

(translation: when you plant different types of flowers, any type of flower you plant will be nice)

This is because the word "种" have multiple meanings and readings (多音多意).

By the way, the frequency of my postings for the next few weeks will be a bit erratic as I am preparing for my Prelims as well for my 'O' Levels.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hitler: rise of power

Check out an updated version at: http://fusedthought.com/2008/01/13/hitler-rise-to-power/

To my friend who asked for the Hilter Rise essay, here it is.


Hitler’s Rise to Power

Hitler rose to power in 1933 due to the unpopularity of the Weimar Government.

Hitler joined the German Workers’ Party in 1919 and became the leader in 1920 when it merged with the National Workers’ Party. He built up his party with his oratorical, organization skills and charisma. He created the Stormtroopers (SA) which broke up other parties’ meetings. He spread propaganda through publication of party newspapers and mass rallies.

The Nazi Party’s aims had appealed to the people. They propagated the “Stab in the Back” theory, accusing the government of betraying the state and the army by signing the armistice in 1919. They blamed the Treaty of Versailles for the loss of territories and reparations and the War Guilt Clause for disarmament. Hitler promised to ignore them and create a greater, stronger and authoritarian Germany when in power, through Anschluss between Germany and Austria and Lebensraum in Eastern Europe. He would introduce socialist measures, such as the nationalization of defense and public utilities, and increase old-age pensions. These aimed to stir up Nationalist feelings in the Germans and gain their support.

Weaknesses in the Weimar Government led to its downfall/rise of Hitler. For example, the government is based on proportional representation. This means that unstable coalitions will be formed as parties lack majority vote, making it hard to implement policies. Frequent collapse of these coalitions also led to democracy being rejected by the masses.

The President also has emergency powers to dissolve the Parliament and rule by decree. The government was also unable to maintain law and order. For example, it was unable to deal with the Spartacist Uprising staged by the left-wing on January 1919 and required the help of the Freikorps, a private force, to quell the violence.

The Weimar Government could not solve the economic problems. War expenses had almost bankrupted Germany. In 1923, Germany halted their consignment of goods, which led to the Ruhr Crisis when France and Belgium, invaded. The German government reacted to the invasion by printing more money leading to a massive inflation and the collapse of the Mark. There was a passive resistance by workers. People’s life savings were lost. Many turned to Hitler to solve their problems.

The Munich Putsch in November 1923 aimed to start a revolution to overthrow the government. He wanted to capitalize on the current failings of the state and thus seize power. However, it failed as he did not have the support he thought he had from the Bavarian Government. Hitler was caught and put on a trial which gave him and the Nazis publicity. The party was banned and Hitler decided never to seize power by force again. While he was in jail, the party was thrown into disarray, but he made use of Gobbels to spread Nazi propaganda.

Stresemann’s rule from 1923 to 1929 saw a decline in Nazi support. The Nazi Party seats fell from 32 in March 1924 to 14 in December 1924 and then to 12 in 1928. It was a period of economic and political stability. The Dawes Plan of 1924 successfully settled the reparations issue, convinced France to leave Ruhr, and secured US loans to stabilize finances. The Young Plan in 1929 reduced the reparation amount from ₤6600 million to ₤2000 million. Thus the Weimar Government gained popularity although Germany became dependent on US loans.

Stresemann restored Germany’s international status as a Great Power. He signed the Locarno Treaty in 1925 agreeing to western frontiers with France, Britain, Italy and Belgium, but failed to mention the eastern frontiers.

In the 1928 Kellogg Pact, Germany renounced the use of force and joined the League of Nations as a permanent member.

The Great Depression in 1929 was a critical factor for the rise of the Nazis. Stresemann, the best man to deal with the crisis had died, US loans were recalled. Wages declined, factories closed. Industrial production dropped by 42%. Currency collapsed. Unemployment rose from 1.4 million in 1928 to 6 million in 1932. The Communists got 120 seats, nearly 17%, in the November 1932 elections. The working class was unhappy as the government reduced social services, salaries and pensions of government officials and especially the unemployment benefit

The Nazis capitalized on dire conditions, spreading propaganda through films, recordings and posters of Hitler. Interest groups representing different sections of the population were set up to show that the Nazis understood their particular worries. Because of the unemployment, SA expanded as more people joined. Hitler promised to lead Germany out of its present misery and economic depression, maintain order, and get rid of Communism threat thereby restoring Germany to greatness again.

President Hindenburg tried to solve the problems from the Great Depression by suspending the constitution and ruling by decree. 5 successive coalition governments were appointed, but the problems still remained. This demonstrated a failure in democracy. Thus Nazis gained popularity.

In mid-1932, a group of Right-Wing politicians invited Hitler to power, hoping to capitalize on the Nazi support and gain popularity. By inviting Hitler into power, they also hope that it would be easier to control Hitler. Moreover, the feared another putsch. So, on January 30, 1933, Hitler legally rose to power.

If anyone else got comments on this essay, please do so. But please do not reproduce essay elsewhere without specific permission from me. Thanks.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Teachers' Day concert: M & M & M

Finally got a few pictures of our performance during the teachers' day!!
Our class band: M & M & M in action!!

Below are the pics.

14 singers!! Can u find me? haha Posted by Picasa

flash presentation Posted by Picasa

The Band: M & M & MPosted by Picasa

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Database moved

No time to write a long post as I am heading to COMEX 2005 soon...

The tagboard has been successfully moved to a new server...
It may take a bit longer to load as I have more restriction on bandwidth as well as server upload and download speeds. The previous host, Sepwich, decided to pull the plug on hosting due to server space constraints.

New linux server hosting is by polarhome.

But I have serious problems regarding the posting process... so you may not be able to tag for sometime... A separate tagboard will be set up for the time being...

In the meantime, I will be trying to get another host with better specs.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Teachers day!!

To all teachers out there, in any corner of the whole: HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!!!

Yesterday was the day we showed our class, 403's production to the school.
Had some last minute reshuffling before the performance.

403's production includes:
~ a re-written song lyrics: The Reason (by Hoobastank)
~ accompanying dance (Choreographed by Goutham)
~ a Flash/ActionScript presentation (programmed by Ray Chuan)
~ 4 Guitarists (3 electric, 1 base)
~ 1 Drummer (we "imported" him from CJC)
~ 14 Singers (an increase from the previous 8)

It was a huge class effort....
Anyway, we got quite rave responses. We were really rocking the house down.
Some teachers even came up to congratulate us!!

Other acts put up by other classes went well too, but certain tricks in the "magic" show became quite obvious when viewed from the galleries. The lower secondary boys were also awed by a band consisting of teachers (3 guitarist, 2 singers, 1 drummer). The drummer has drumsticks that looked like chopsticks bundled together!! haha.

First time I figured out all the doors to the Performing Arts Centre (PAC). We actually have about 7 different ways to get into the PAC!! I didn't know... I've always thought there was only 3 ways....

Went out for lunch with Crenshaw and the others. Crenshaw refused to take off his pink tie. He was flashing it all the way to Plaza Singapura. lolx...

Came home to have a nap, afterwich, went out with my parents again to Marina Square to have dinner. Surprisingly, meet Darrick, Anthony, Ircahn, Zach and a few others together with Mr, wong, Ang and Ms Chan, our teachers. It appears they had been "stalking" them since afternoon, and have not gone back to bathe after the morning's performance... goodness!!

Tomorrow will be English prelims already. Must get prepared. It is the final exam before the 'O' Levels and will count into our first 3 months admission into a Junior College. Must do well...

Happy Teacher's Day again!! =)

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