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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Misunderstanding generated in the last post...

Got quite a few commnets on the last article especially on my other blog titled "reality is a persistant illusion".

I apologise if anyone has found that entry too generalized. It wasn't meant to be a blanket remark.

I don't condone nor even desire to try and stop the usage of such words.
I must admit there is little or even no other words which can replace the word in its expression of anger, stress or displeasure....

However, a few commenters stated that there are "other more pressing matters" to give your attention to. But I am sure it is doesn't hurt to watch your language....

Care of usage is the most important, which seldom anyone would actually think before using it. Thus leading to undesired misunderstanding.

A short entry on it has already cause misunderstandings of some sort. Won't it be worse if you use it in front of other people's faces??

That said, I hope this entry will clear up any misunderstandings generated in the last post.

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