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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Gutterballs!! 'C'Div doubles

Went to support our 'C' Division Bowling team today.
Very tired now. Just got home.
Ears still have a " ringing" sound due to the bad mix of music and girls screaming.
Glenn was "heartbroken" when Iris cried..... but didn't go over to console her because her mother was there....

For the girls doubles, a team average of 131 will get you a second placing, which is quite a surprise for many.

This year, Singapore Sports School will make a clean sweep of the events. Two bowlers from the school had played an average of 207 and 206 today. It will be quite tough to un-seat them.

gosh! Don't know how many gutterballs I have seen today. I think it is the most I have seen for a national tournament like this.

I really feel that the atmosphere just isn't there.

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