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Saturday, July 02, 2005

CHEAT and avoid going NUTS

Did anyone read today's Straits Times?? Creative Technologies founder, Mr Sim Wong Hoo's secret key to success: CHEAT (Create Huge Excessive Advantage Tactics) and avoid going NUTS (No U-Turn Syndrome). No wonder he named his company creative.

However, if this were to be applied to school, I think CHEAT will stand
for: See How to Excel in All Tests.

Btw, National Day is around the corner... the theme song is out.
It is sung by Taufik and Rui En (or issit En Rui??)
For those interested can download from the Singapore NDP website.
However, if you want a good quality of the video, it is a 86Meg file.

Very bored now... today has been nothing but work, work and work.... I still have some A.Maths Question that are not done. Trying to keep myself out of any situation where I can get myself hurt. Didn't even dare to eat peanuts for fear of losing my voice...

Friendster seems to have updated itself. The layout of the profiles seems to have changed. Overall, I would say that it has improved its service tremendously.

I am now hoping that Monday's plan to watch War Of The Worlds will not go down the drain.....

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