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Monday, July 11, 2005

Hiaz...More Copy Protection for CDs

I just wonder how many more restrictions the recording industry is going to introduce. I believe many, especially music lovers have heard the news. The recording industry is going to introduce a new software onto the CDs that prevent copying of the CDs more than 3 times whether it is the whole CD or even a song.

It just makes us wonder, whether all these are targeted at music pirates or music-loving consumers who support the artist (and also the recording industry) by buying original CDs. Although now there is those 2 for the price of 1, or even 6 for the price of 1, it just doesn't cut any ice. CDs are prone to destruction and scratches, so it is normal for people to have a backup. What if you have to reformat of the computer?? You will lose all the songs as well as the right to copy again because in event of a virus, you may not be allowed to backup before reformatting. Also, backing up items on a virus infected PC may just bring over the virus to your newly reformatted (and clean) computer!

Not only music, software manufacturers have been including piracy protection into almost everything they own. Though I respect the need for all these, it makes no sense for me to contact the software manufacturer to activate it everytime I reinstall the software, be it after reformatting or trying out other software that will conflict with it.
The bottom line?? Consumers are the ones suffering.

Recently, I have been switching some of my standard software into open-source solutions. For example, I have recently switched my email client to the open-source Mozilla Thunderbird. It is lightweight and powerful, thus starting up faster than my previous email client.

Below is screenshot of Mozilla Thunderbird
(p.s. email addresses are all greyed out for privacy purposes) Posted by Picasa :

As more restrictions are set on consumers, people will start switching to other solutions to keep the cost down. Every upgrade on proprietry software requires a certain sum of money. A Home User may not be able to afford an upgrade everytime. Discounts are also targeted and given to SMBs and MNCs.
With open-source software, upgrades are free. Though we must bare in mind that such solutions are not for everyone. It depends on the level of expertise as well as how secure and comfortable one is, at using open-source software. OPen-source solutions only has community-based support or even none at all. It does not have a dedicated customer support proprtietry software offers.

However at the rate open-source software has improved in terms of usablility, I think many will start looking into open-source solutions. And as more people embrace these softwares, help in this vast community will be easier to find.

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