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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Time and GTD

Time is really a luxury which sadly I fail to have.... the day inches nearer but I aren't moving that much nearer. GTD (Getting things done) is something that I must do but to do that I need that luxury to do so.

Why why why.

Limited by the hours of day, the rising and setting of sun.
Limited by a saddled brain.
Limited by the very things I am suppose to do.

Yes, I know that:

The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible(Arthur C. Clarke)
However, is it possible? Rules are set. You can't change time. You can't do the impossible of extending time. The sun cannot be stopped from rising neither can it be stopped from setting. Freezing it is out of the question.

Looks like thou has to find another way.

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of. (Benjamin Franklin)

Squander not time, as the significant event is near.

Cherish the present, and look forward to what is inevitable.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Windows Vista vs Ubuntu with Beryl

This should be in my tech blog, but I thought it would be nicer here... seems interesting what the opensource community can do nowadays.

The question on whether there is a need to upgrade to a new OS is really quite pertinent...

The two OS here in question is Windows Vista using Aero interface and Ubuntu Linux running Beryl. I believe the same effects can also be achieved using Compiz which Beryl is based on.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Some quotes...

Some quotes which I saw on television and stuff

It doesn't matter how people say how you should be.
The important thing is how you want to be.

Below are a few by Oscar Wilde. I heard one of it from Oprah Primetime.
Ambition is the last refuge of failure

A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal


(I'm going Mad over Studies and going Moo over Mootools.. Ok.. this is far too random... )

Sunday, June 10, 2007

ODEX anime case

You must have read the papers about Anime downloading. Well, for better or for worse, its already happened. Someone has been warned. Letters are sent out.

In the recent case, ODEX has sent out a letter to an anime fan. Judging from his letter, he was a Bleach fan.

Those who take an interest in that letter, it can be found on Riuva (http://www.riuva.com/?p=628).

These news are already circulating the internet for a while now. A fellow STOMPer has even posted it on STOMP's Media Club "Hot Stuff" Section. That article can be found at http://www.stomp.com.sg/mediaclub/hotstuff/hotstuff_12.html.

Many commentaries can already be found on the net. There isn't a need for me to add another one. Anyway, the backlash to this recent action has yet to be seen. I wonder what will happen to the anime community in Singapore.

Furthermore, an appendice with a list of the titles downloaded was also attached (pictured below)..

After a look at the letter, it makes me wonder how they are able to obtain such confidential client information from the ISP. That include the time of download, Anime, IP address (dynamic) as well as the port which happens to be a port used for torrents...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

"There Is No Explanation" is an explanation

I was replying to a thread in STOMP forum when these thoughts suddenly came to me in my reply.

The phrase "There Is No Explanation" is, in itself, an explanation (GenSephyr)

Sounds weird? After thinking about it, you'll come to realize that it is quite true.
In one's life, there are countless experiences and sights we have seen, smelled, felt, heard etc. However, with each of these, a reason is sought. Questions like "why is that happening?" is always asked, especially by the young ones.

Whenever that question is asked, whether to ourselves or someone, the explanations given comes from one's experiences. More often than not, these explanations have scientific or religious backgrounds. However, what about those that aren't explained either by our religious or scientific reasonings or, taking it further, can't even be explained when you Google it or put it through some other search engines like Yahoo or Windows Live Search?
At that juncture, the answer to yourself would be "there is no explanation (for now)".

Let's take this out of context and give an example.

For example, in a Mathematics question. The teacher tells you that "a x b = |a||b|sinÓ¨" (its in the topic of vectors). You ask, how the formula came about. The teacher answers that it is too complicated to answer.
At this point, in order for you to accept that formula, the explanation behind the formula (for the student) would be "its too complicated to know".

Take this case above and put it in the previous context, wouldn't the phrase "there is no explanation" which is similar to "its too complex to know" be the explanation for the unexplained?

Don't know if I make sense here but, I'll just end here with you in thoughts (or maybe not)...

Monday, June 04, 2007


New layout, about 1 month after the launch of my second layout which was titled: Desire Secundus.

The new layout is titled water.no.fall.
This is the more closely tied to my blog title ("Risen Against Gravity") compared to my other layouts I've done so far..
As you may have noticed, the main waterfall picture is reversed, going against the natural gravity.

I've also finally incorporated a tag cloud.

This is my Third (Terzo) XML Layout.
And that can be applied to the page permanently regardless of my future layout changes using this URL: http://gyeojz.blogspot.com/?css=3

To reset, use http://gyeojz.blogspot.com/?css=0

Last but not least, a credit..... the original picture is taken by Jessica =)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Milestones: Passing the baton

Its been a few days, (3 days to be precise), since the last training. Been enjoying myself these few days.

Yep. Thats right, I had my last training last Wednesday, May 30th. It marked the end of 6 years in bowling. Memories aplenty. I don't know to feel happy or sad.

May 30th, has, with it, another significance. It was the stepping down of the 2006-2007 Executive Committee of Bowling. I relinquished my post as the Secretary and the Webmaster of the Temasek JC bowling events and announcement website.

It seems not too far ago when I was propelled into the team, blur and all, not knowing many of my team-mates and I still remember my reluctance to go back into bowling after my stint in secondary school. However, I still don't know what enticed me back into it. Ok... Maybe I do know the reason... buried somewhere in my mind.... Its just that I don't want to admit it =P

Since that fateful first training, many things has happened...

Over 2 years, (slightly over 1 year to be precise), I've made some good calls, made some bad calls too.
Came up with a id system for attendance filing as well as my personal database for attendance (for my use only though).
Designed, implemented the website, brought most things online etc.
Although some were scrapped later, looking back, it wasn't really how effective it was, but rather, the process which was required before finding a suitable method was the part which was enjoyable and filled with learning points...
On top of that, there are also other learning points (HR and social for example), that just can't be put into words here...

Fast forward to last week, I've already been through another 2 National school's competitions, National Age Groups, other mini tournaments and stepped down from the competition scene for good (at least for now).

Its been days.. and I still don't know what to think.

Starting 31st May the new committee (2007-2008) has already taken over. All I can say is, congratulations to Darryl, Chris, Marcus, Yixuan, Natalie and Petrina, in forming the new committee.
May you bring the team to greater heights....

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