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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

STOMP and others


After much resistance, I've finally joined STOMP. For the curious, STOMP stands for Straits Times Online Media Portal. I must add, it is quite engaging.

One thing that I felt it could have improved upon is to tie the two forums, that is STink And Spill (the teens forum) and the main STOMP forum, Talkback together. Now it is 2 separate systems...

And this thread lead me to be utterly disgusted. Didn't even want to post a reply... heres a link http://stinkandspill.stomp.com.sg/forums/showthread.php?t=343

Chinese and PW

OH I can't believe the Chinese A level examination is just 2 days away... Really doesn't feel like it lor... And on that day there is also the Insights and Reflection submissions. So glad... After the I and R submission, we are left with the Oral Presentation and we can say goodbye to Project Work... YaY!!


Windows Vista, Microsoft's long overdue operating system should be coming soon. Release Candidate 1 has been open to the public for sometime now. Release Candidate 2 on the other hand is already available to MSDN Subscribers....

According to neowin.net, the packaging for Windows Vista as well as Office 2007 has been released... Below is a picture posted on neowin.net

The two widely used browsers have also released their next version. Mozilla has released Firefox 2 while over at the Microsoft's front, Internet Explorer 7 has been released. On that note, Microsoft has also released the 11th version of their Windows Media Player software.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Death Note デスノート, Desu Nōto

Yup.... Death Note (デスノート, Desu Nōto).. Finally watched it....

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Guess its goodbye AND Dangerous Lorry

Guess its goodbye...

Yup.. its so sad.. Ms Ng gonna leave the school to venture into the "darkside". Came as a surprise to many... Showed no hints of leaving... STill cracking so many jokes...

The whole of the science department came to bid her farewell at her last lecture here... Lectures will never be the same again...

Dangerous Lorry...

Like the heading suggests, it was really dangerous to load the lorry with this much things... I snapped a picture of it but turned out a little blur... He was driving so dangerously and to make matters worse, he was talking on the phone without a handsfree set... Really negligent driving...

Below are photos of it... Couldn't actually take the driver talking on the phone because of two reasons.

1. He was driving with that load, on a phone. I was afraid that if he sees me photographing, he may swerve unexpectantly and it would be a road disaster.

2. I don't know what he will do if he finds out he is being photograph...

Wanted to send the photos to STOMP but decided against it..

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A few things

Just for fun, I'll reverse the order of the points my post this time... haha


I know this is totally random, but yea.. I thought it was quite innovative to put the ashtray in a swivel design... haha

Sportsman Appreciation Talk

Today marks the official day that all JC2 PDP heads stepped down. Thus is also marks the new exco official undertaking of their appointment. The rest of us got our certificate of appointment... Sadly.. there there was a glitch somewhere... Won't elaborate further... haha


The haze isn't getting any better. SG hit a high PSI of 106 and stayed in the unhealthy range for quite sometime. Below is a picture taken in school... The buildings are supposed to be clear...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Classical Gas

Wished I could play that

Below is a guy who play the same song with a little bit of madness...

Friday, October 13, 2006

OH, OP and others

Since I have not blogged for sometime, this would be a longer post.... Let me go backwards, from wide to narrow... GP style.


It seems that situation is still quite unstable with North Korea. They are threatening the global committee by saying that their response on the development of the Nuclear Warheads will be linked to American Action.This is really bad as you can be sure that the United States would definitely not back away.

With the probe still ongoing on whether the nuclear test was real, it no doubt be a matter of grave concern as it may threaten to split the world into two camps again – against and for camps. It really reminds me of the 1955 Warsaw Pact and the 1949 North Alantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) as well as all the appeasements policies during the war era. However, this time, I do not think we will see appeasement being used very much.

With the war on terrorism still ongoing, this is going worsen the feelings of unsafty of the global committee.

The feeling of safety has again plummeted. The recovery from all these problems and war does not seem to be anywhere near the visible horizon.


Global problems are one thing, but closer to home, the indonesian forest fires caused haze does not seem to be slowing down much. Though the situation has certainly improved, the Pollutants Standard Index (PSI) is still fluctuating

It is irritating to note that this happens every year... I shall not comment further already as actions have been taken against it.

OH: Open House

The TJC open house was held today. Oh man.. I spent so much time updating the bowling blog to reflect the open house event, up to the extent where I opened a new blog just for the open house details.

The actual open house was quite uninteresting to me. With all the expected stuff that can happen. Probably because I've past that stage... But oh well... at least the brochures were all given out.

here is my design for the brochure:

OP: Oral Presentation and other exams

The PW oral presentation and other A Level paper – Chinese, is drawing nearer... and with the ending of our promotional exams, it is a mark of the start of another stress period...

The Written Report is due next friday... Chinese A Level is coming at the end of the month....

And just last thursday (i.e. Yesterday), there was a talk... Asking us to think about our Epitaph....

oh what are we going to do....Arrrrgh

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Windows Live Writer Beta

This is just a post to test the Windows Live Writer beta blogging platform.... And I must say, I'm quite impressed... Although the preview feature is still not up to standards.. I think

OH.. and the PSI went down to 140...

Worse and worse... PSI

The haze problem caused by the Indonesian forest fires is getting worse.

Today's PSI (Pollution Standard Index) reading has alot of flactuations, with readings going as high as 150. This is supposed to be a unhealthy level.
I cannot concentrate properly today either... Had alot of eye irritations.... Extremely frustrated now...

The farmers just never learn. This happens again and again, year after year. Put it in economic terms, their action of burning the forest to clear the lane is causing alot of NEGATIVE EXTERNALITIES to their country and the neighbouring countries...

I think time for some concrete actions to be taken to stop this again. If warning and signs don't work, I think they should confiscate the lands. Although this may not be the best alternative, taking into account other factors that may be present, but Hey, I think it is a very good form of deterrence...

For now, I can only hope that the skies will clear up by tomorrow morning

Below is a list of readings until 10pm today, taken from the National Environment Agency website.

For more recent updates, visit http://app.nea.gov.sg/psi/

7am — 89

8am — 101

9am — 119

10am — 130

11am — 128

12pm — 115

1pm — 102

2pm — 91

3pm — 83

4pm — 80

5pm — 86

6pm — 98

7pm — 126

8pm — 143

9pm — 150

10pm — 145

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