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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Some Updates....

On this blog:
~ I have changed the tagboard back to my sepwich hosted one as I found out that cBox would deliver a popup everytime someone visits my site... I just can't stand popups and could not tolerate having the sight of one on my blog.
~ By the way, I'm wondering, who is "sofia"?? There isn't a "www.bignews.com". I am curious what info she is referring to...
~ A few more history 2158 essays will be coming soon to this site as I prepare for 'O' Levels. I hope readers will give their comments on it.

In Singapore:
~ President S.R. Nathan has been elected a second term after a no contest as no one else was eligible.
~ Looks like the problems not solved when TT Durai stepped down.... The new interim board of National Kidney Foundation of Singapore has called in the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) to come in. The scene does not reflect well, especially when people had just recovered from the events that were revloving around NKF which has led to Mr. Durai resigning.
~ However, NKF will be reducing the overall monthly dialysis charge, from S$200 to S$164, comparable to KDF and private centers.
~ Victoria Secondary School students has started a petition against the school from going co-ed. Many feel that it would erode the schools 120+ year old tradtion of being an all-boys school. Discussions well be held with the students on the matter.
~ Project Superstar finals have ended. Kevin and Kelly won the male and female divisions respectively. They will be releasing their debut albums in a few days time. They will meet again in a final "battle" to choose the overall champion. Sales of their debut album will contribute to their scores in the overall finals.

~ Outbreak of a new worm on the internet: ZOTOB. More information on this worm can be found on anti-virus vendor's website.
A link to the details on Trendmicro's site can be found here

ok... thats all...

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