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Thursday, August 25, 2005


First time!! first time my 2158 essay get a 15. And part 1 got 12/14!! Wow!!

Chemistry practical on Wednesday wasn't that bad, but I left my Nike bottle in the science lab... forgot to take it out... damn it!! Don't know if it is still there... SOoooo absent-minded... haiz.. Can't go back in as the labs are currently out-of-bounds to students. oh well...

hrmph... after so long -- about a year, never go into computer lab 1, we went there today only to find the school had changed all the computers again!!
hmm... thats like the second time in 4 years! And whats more?
All 34 computers are Pentium 4, 3.0 GHz, 400MHz 512Mb RAM and running on ATI Radeon Graphics cards!!
I'm SOooo jealous... and we don't get to use it too.... sobz...

There will be another rehersal for teachers day tomorrow after the physics practicals... Looks like will be another long day at school....

Just realized that Mozilla Thunderbird could manage podcasts and get RSS feeds. lolx... was just listening to the Prime Minister's National Day Rally. It was fun watching “tau gay not enough --豆芽不够” and “tau gay never enough -- 豆芽永远不够” again..


Anyway, that aside, Physics practicals tomorrow. Two screw ups and I really pray that this won't add on to the count.

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