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Friday, August 12, 2005

Results are back!!!!

Finally!! *phew* After 5 months of intense drilling by the chinese department and 2 months of waiting, out results for this year GCE 'O' Level Chinese Exams are back!

With hands shaking and hearts racing, I didn't have the appetite to eat my recess.. It was an in-nerving wait. Made worse when our chinese teacher refuse to reveal anything... It was unbearable... Worst of all, the only thing the teachers we spoke to will reveal is that our class passed (with a some cheers on our part in view of our mid-year results..).

Finally, judgement came. Our form tutor walked in menacingly... Don't know whats worse, her short speech or the waiting. Blah..Blah.. we were all thinking:"oh please... spare us the agony. Announce our results already!!"

Oh boy, this is the only time you would curse being the last in the class list....
Zhi Wei, B3.... Zhen Cheng, A1...Blah..Blah *would she hurry up?!*
Zachary, A1... Zhi Kai, A1.. ..Shi Xian, A2... Jeremy Yueng, A2...
*I'm next!! Please... Please....* Finally...my name... A1...

It took a while to sink in... I was still processing the information..
In my mind, it was like... A1 >> you sure?? >> nope she isn't kidding... >>A1 leh... >> *wide-eyed* >> Yes!!! >>oh well... now i owe my chinese teacher a meal because of a promise i made....

However, the most incredible comeback was still Zachary.... he had failed the mid-year exam just before this 'O' Level, scoring a D7, but "rose to the occasion" scoring an A1... That is a 6 grade difference!! I am sure everyone in our class agrees, we are happy, or I should say, very, very proud of him... A classmate who could barely speak a full sentence in Chinese had came back up..... It was all really his hard work....

My good friend Jeremy also did a lot better than he hasd expected. He had assured me minutes before he had gotten C6, in the end, he got an A2. He even got a distinction for his Chinese Oral!!
Wanted to go out together, for a short break. However, couldn't find a day when we were both free... Its just too bad...

Oh well... one paper down, 8 more to go...

用功读书, A1 前进!

How can I forget... Our class, 403 is going to perform in the teacher's day concert!!! Looks like we got through the auditions!!!
Crenshaw's Band went in too!!


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