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Monday, August 08, 2005

Earth Wire

So unlucky. Came online later than usual. The freakin' Earth Wire in our riser got cut by, of all people, painters!!! Don't know how the hell they paint. Don't know what type of brushes they use.... Metal brushes?!
My dad called and waited for them since 1.10 p.m. When I came home at 4.00 p.m. the site foreman and technician still have not arrived. Saying we are displeased would be an understatment. Wasted so much time......

Anyway, National day celebrations in school today. Just the usual -- mass, assembly, multi-religious prayers, Principal address, Education minister's letter, appointment of new EXCO members etc.
oh yar... *take deep breath*..... "HARISH MENON!! YOU OWE ME AN MP3 PLAYER!!!".
*Grrrr*.... better not get into too much details, it is making my blood boil....

On the lighter side, went to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Augustine and Jeremy today. Augustine and I had to drag Jeremy along as he wanted to go home and mug *evil laugh*.
The show is hilarious. You'll get stitches after watching it. Won't say too much, don't want to spoil the show for those who have not watched....

Got a neck ache after it... we were sitting in the front row. The cinema was packed with students. The group of CHIJ girls sitting behind us were laughing their hearts out. One of them started laughing from the singing "gnomes" all the way to the end of the show!!!

Our school's Uniform Group Annual Parade is going on now as I type. This year will be special as it will be recorded and burnt into a CD, to be given to all passing Secondary 4 cadets as memento.
I can imagine Nathaniel getting damn nervous now... He has been a nervous since this morning...It was after some time before he told us why -- his girlfriend is coming down.
haha... I wish him luck!!!

oh and Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

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