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Saturday, August 06, 2005


hrrrrrmph!!!!! This is not a good day....
Slept for 11 hours straight under the effects of Actimin and still feel so pooped to do anything, Didn't even have the mood to watch T.V. !!
Almost miss my lunch, thereafter logged in to check my mails.
Then I found my hosting account at Sepwich gone as Sepwich.com has been suspended!!!

*wide-eyed* That means my personal website, forum and all my tagboard posts which are hosted there are gone if Sepwich doesn't come back!!!! NOOoooo!!!!

Arrgh!!!!! Had to set up an account at cBox to take the place of my Sepwich hosted tagboard.....

*tearing my hair off* Dunno how much more I can take today.... Luckily, this will be a long weekend becoz of National Day.


No choice. I'll just have to pray that by tomorrow, all will be back to normal.......

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