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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I got Microsoft Vista?? + BIo practicals

Micorsoft Vista (formly codenamed longhorn) will be arriving next year, hopefully in the first half. Screenshots of it were released on Microsoft Vista's site.

However, I couldn't really wait, so decided to do some skinning...
Downloaded this theme from wincustomize.
Credit for this theme goes to KoL

Can say I am quite satisfied. Looks like the real thing too! Although I can never emulate the engine behind Microsoft Vista.

Below is a screenshot of my current desktop...

My Current "Micosoft Vista" Desktop... Posted by Picasa


Biology pracitical yesterday was quite screwed. Ask us to compare visible features between W31 (carrot) and W32 (onion). Can't see and similarities or differences except for the layered appearance. Hope Chemistry Practicals tomorrow won't be as bad....


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