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Friday, April 01, 2005

Day 4

Day 4: team event last 3 games

juz got back....
bowled quite ok today except my last game.
175 197 157

this brings my all events average to about 170.722222222222....
this sucks....
ACS (I) swiped everything.

tomolo masters,
three of our bowlers made it...
have to report to victors superbowl by 9am
too bad our captain isn't one of them

had to return to the alley at 6pm fir the prize giving ceremony
b4 that, went out to eat... Samuel treat 6 of us to ribs at Toni's
cost bout 72 bucks.... Thanks Sam!!

Went back early... Mgs was screaming our ears off..
joined a few of them for soccer
and also frisbee which Yew Liang borrowed from Marian or one of the KC girls.

b4 returning to the ally for the prize pesentation.

very tired now.
will turn in early.... nitez

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