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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


i have no mood to blog any of school related stuff as the teachers have gone crazy, and gave us homework they know we cannot finish... I am not about to go through the horror of blogging this. However, I will turn my attention for now to another matter.....

It is not like me to post any political debates here but the casino debate is currently the "hot topic". Results of the Casino was announced on Monday at 3pm. I must say that I am not surprised at all by the outcome, and well most definately affect us as it is sheduled to be ready by 2009

Singapore will now built not 1 but 2 Casinos. However, it is not a standalone Casino. Instead it will be an integrated resort.

One of them is a $2 - 4billion, 12.2 hectares Marina Bayfront invesment aims at the MICE (meetings, incentive travel and convention visitors) group. This is to be expected as the Marina Bayfront is located near Suntec Convention Centre, the Esplanade ( or in Singaporeans' eyes, "The Durian"), and the CBD (Central Business District) areas.
The other will be located in Sentosa. It will ne a 47 hectares, $2 - 3 billion investment. However, this integrated resort is more for Families and Tourists, and will even feature a Theme Park.
Many Singpaoreans are still against the idea of setting up the Casino. I too used to think that way until I realised what this will bring to Singapore. People are still citing ethnical and moral issues concerning the casino. I cannot deny that it will have an impact on it.
But look at it this way, the casino will not accupy more than 3 percent and 5 percent of the total floor area of Marina Bayfront and Sentosa sites respectively.
From the new resorts it will reap $5 billion in investments, 35 000 new jobs and a $1.5 billion boost to our economy annually.
Yes, this may come at the expense of some of the moral issues but we cannot afford to fall behind. Moral and ethnical issues are important and must be delt with in a Mutli-racial and Multi-cultural society like Singapore, but in this case, the benefits really outweigh the disadvantages.
We must remember, Singapore is a country which has little resources. Our country is going into a developed status. Our primary industry has now been reduced to such a small ratio as compared to other industry. Likewise for our secondary industries. What we depend on for growth is our Tertiary industries... we cannot afford to lose out on this opportunity. If we don't accept this, other countries around the reigion will. Though this Casino issue is "not a matter of life and death" as PM Lee mentioned, but the decision will bare quite a significant consequence.
Singaporeans have to stay ahead and be competitive if not will Singapore be able to survive?? Already, we are losing business to nearby shipping facilities like the two in Malaysia, are we still going to let this chance pass by??
The leaders have to think of the long-term effects and not just the immediate once. Already measures have been put up to ensure that we will not have a rise in gambling problems like addction or any gambling related crimes.

Well, this is just a judgement. The actual success of these 2 casino integrated resort will still depend on the demand, market and the number of tourists in the future. One thing we know, whatever our views maybe now, the integrated resort project will go ahead.... Until it is built and fully functional and we can see the actual profits, the debate will go on.

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