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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


its middle of the week already.. starting countdown to midyear exam.
Teachers are restless, students are tired... juz not the right combination.
Mr Sirhan walked out of class yesterday, apparently mad at us, and almost expelled one of my classmates (i'm not putting down any names)
what a vast mood change.. he was smiling today when he was outside our class, but the moment he stepped in, his face changed.
almost 3/8 of the school.. specifically, those in the 6 Uniform Groups had to report to the National Cross Country... seems like SJI is coordinating the event....
Most of them excited.... dun ask why.... they're just sick in the head.

back now.... no homework today.... taking a rare break...

contemplating of moving my blog to diary-x, but that will come later....
got to settle some problems in my html coding first.

nitez all....

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