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Friday, April 22, 2005

Cheers and Jeers - The end of the Casino debate

Finally, the the year-long Casino debate/consultation exercise has ended as PM Lee wrapped up the four-day deliberation with a concluding speech, in which, he rallied all Singaporeans behind the decision. Ministers have also given their explanation behind their own decision.

It is said in the Straits Times(Friday, April 22 2005) that "its (Singapore's) decision to say yes to two mega resorts is making other countries sit up". This goes to show how much our Casino debate is being monitored by the interantional community.

Though concrete reasons were given for the go ahead, some anti-casino supporters are still not swayed by it. Well, as I have said in earler blog entry, though the actual debate is over, there weill be still a lot of dicussions going on. We really have to wait till 2009.

I am actually quite surprised that the government had once approached Disney for a deal.
According to the Straits Times(Friday, April 22 2005, page H8) again, Disney requested "a huge 300ha chunk of land and was not prepared to put its own money into paying for it"
Seriously, asking a land scarce Singapore to let up 300ha of land is very difficult and in this case, inpossible as they were "not prepared to put its own money into paying for it". Anyway, I'll leave this matter to hang here as this is already the past.

Back at home (literally), school was a bit tiring today, especially sine we had to go to SHATEC. The "course" ended at about 5pm.

Not in the mood to do any work now although I have lots of work to be done.
Mid-year Exams are round the corner, to be precise, next Wednesdy.... Have to study too....

Stress... Stress.... Had a splitting headache this morning during 2158 class... lucky it stopped before we had P.E.


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