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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Decisions, decisionS

First off, from the vaitcan, Habemus Papam! (We have a Pope)
This morning, while many were asleep in Singapore, conclave has spoken and a new pope has been elected. 78-years-old, German-born Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Roman Catholic Church's leading conservative, is elected as the Roman Catholic Church's 265th pontff, in the shortest conclave in modern history. He will take on the name Pope Benedict XVI

In Singapore, the casino debate is still on going. Members of parliament are giving their reasons for their stand on the issue. PM Lee is expected to address the Parliament tomorrow. Many supported the building of the Casino and Integrated Resorts (IR) due to the amount of jobs it will create. Though many cited religious, moral and social reasons, they still gave their approval on the idea based on that.
As mentioned by SM Goh, Singapore already has Casinos, abeit not physically in Singapore. They can be found on cruise ships that dock at our harbours. SM Goh also cited that the public debates even though saw many people being anti-casino reflected the values of Singaporeans. He said that he would be worried if there was no one who had gone against the idea.
One female minister even commented that she had visited Casinos in Las Vegas and had seen many people, especially at the "one arm bandits", with beer in one hand and the lever in the other, not stopping untill he hits jackpot or runs out of money.
This casino debate and sceptics will go on and be here amongst us for quite sometime, untill raw figures can be seen, and that will happen after the Casino and IRs first year of operation.

At school, looks like Mr Sirhan had got his head back together and had cooled off. It is good to hear him joke in class again. Had my chinese oral (mid-year exams) today. Quite screwed in my opinion but not very badly. Was shivering slightly (due to the air-con!!!) and could not think of much things to say.

Back home, blowing my head off homework. less than a week to Mid-year exams. Took some time off to manage my blog. Thinking of listing my blog under BlogShares. Moved my tagboard to another server to prevent the alltag and tag files from depleting my webspace. Shouln't experience any downtime as I have already completely moved it over to the new web server.

School having a blood donation drive on 3 May. And I am one of those who qualify as I am already 16 yrs old. Thats quite crazy. 3 May is "right smack" in the middle of our exams. We have History 2158 and Biology on that day and Additional Mathematics and Chemistry on the next. Coined "Bloody Tuesday" by our Deputy Principal (Student Development), Bro Mike, every "qualified" person is expected to donate........

Being chased to sleep already.... partly because my eyes are so "red" already. So tired after this "freakish" week. Tomorrow have to stay back late again. Friday also.... have to go to SHATEC which is in Bukit Batok, so far from my house.....

*nitez "u'all"*

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