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Saturday, April 09, 2005


Whoa!! can't take it anymore! Brain's gonna explode... too many maths sums... didn't expect the diffrentiation and integration sums to be that hard... 6 assignments in all... and i still cannot finish.... seeing dy/dx everywhere now....

went to Orchid Country Club to bowl yesterday, only one week and i forgot how to spare.... played 6 games in total
116, 139, 169, 192 ,223, 193

bowled very badly... coundn't spare especially in the first game... missed all my spares... but finally found back my lines....
missed a perfect game by 3 stupid frames, and worse still i missed the spares in those frames i didn't strike... in the end hadd to settle for a 223.

came home and didn't have the mood to do anything, i never even watch last exile.. fell asleep before that...it's juz too bad.. especially when they are bringing in exile and the silvania was attacked by the guild.

oh yar... today is supposed to be the prince charles's wedding. the affair seems to be have been kept low... never heard of anyhing on T.V the whole afternoon.... but i am not surprised in light of what is going on in the vatican.

going for dinner soon... have to finish my hmwk and get down to studying for another chinese test on monday.... i juz can't wait for this to be over with....

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