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Monday, April 04, 2005


It's back to school...

Morning assembly was a very solemn event as we mark the death of his holiness, Pope John Paul II.
The world currently mourns the passing of this world leader, a champion of freedom and an advocate of peace .
His death set forth and put the 1996 document (Universi Dominici Gregis) into motion.
The college of cardinals will meet, and conclave will be opened in 15 to 20 days and prepare to elect a new pontiff.

Though the sombre atmosphere especially for many catholics,
school went as usual.
Photo-taking for classes went on as planned.

The biweekly test was tough... so much so that none of us can guarantee ourselves a passing mark.

Still a bit blur in school after about a week of absence in school due to Nationals... though, now that the nationals are over, it means that us, Sec 4 are now offically retired from the school bowling team.

meeting tonight on MSN with my friends to discuss the chinese project.... wonder what will happen to the history 2158 project.

it has been raining the whole day.. in school and now at home....
but i thought the South-west monsoon (or is it the North-east monsoon? i aren't a Geography student...) should be over by now.

Will be another short week as SJI Founder's Day celebration is on Thursday which means there will be no classes on that day though we still need to report to school.


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