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Saturday, April 02, 2005

12th National School Tenpin Bowling Championship

12th National School Tenpin Bowling Championship Ends....
my last year in the b'division

very exciting game today... especially the stepladder finals....
Our very own Lionel managed to clinch the boy's masters champion title.
He defeated Stanly Ong, the defending champion in two games.
first game, 157 to 156, throwing us into the second round
in the second game, intense competition grew as Lionel's Strike and Spares were matched by Stanly.
In the end, Lionel emerged the champion beating Stanly 216 to 214

It was a nervebreaking game for Lionel his teammates.
Our coach, Uncle Ronnie was also worried. he was seen standing up, pacing to and fro when Lionel bowled.
(Although Uncle Ronnie was so relaxed yesterday... flying a kite. Yew Liang was saying he damn pro
he said that uncle ronnie can fly the kite by himself while vic and the rest... bout 4 or 5 of them cannot even get a kite to fly. Below is a pic of ronnie in action.

(pics taken from marian's blog as i wasn't there when he... erm... flew)

Andrew was clenching his fist so hard that he has fingernail marks in his palm.

Over at the girls, it was a show down between schoolmates in the stepladder as the top 3 spots were taking by the Singapore Sports School. Clara Lim emerged the Champion.

The trophy for this years tournament is fantastic.... below is a picture of it... taken by Yew Liang

(pic taken from YL's blog)

the whole team... well almost the whole team went out for Lunch on Lionel's credit after much persuasion to get Lionel to part with the money...
Our captain, Yew Liang only has to gather us and threaten to shout a "magic" word and Lionel will give in....

Anyway... was a long day....
going to study soon... after a short rest...

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