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Sunday, April 17, 2005


Last episode of Gundam Seed today... I mean yesterday.. Its 12am already.. lol
Quite an abrupt ending,
makes you pick up the pieces after that.
geez.. I really like the ending song - Find The Way
Quite meaningful, maybe even inspirational too, if you understand the lyrics.
HaHa.. I set it as my blog song again.

Ripping my hair off..
missed so many Physics lessons because of Nationals...
Now don't even know any shit about the topic.
I know there is a Flemming's right hand rule, but a left land rule too?!
Mid-Year is round the corner, to be precise, about 10 days,
How the heck am I going to score??

Another Chinese test on Monday.
This is getting riduculus.

Oh man! I am really getting worried. especially now we all have to go through the first three months. Dunno why did the Ministry of Eduaction decide to implement the 'no first 3 months' policy later.

Speaking of policies, I guess Singaporeans know what to expect on the Monday announcement on the result of the Casino debate. Quite an obvious answer. If they were to say otherwise -- that is say "no" to the casino idea, I would be very surprised. The revenue a casino can bring us would not permit a "no", especially with the highest bid of $3-$4 billion. Even if Singaporeans are against it, citing moral values, I think the Singapore government will give it the green light.

Anyway, this does not really concern me now... Better get back at my Monday test and preparing for my Tuesday and Wednesday English and Chinese Oral respectively.


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