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Thursday, March 31, 2005

School Re-opens??

School re-opens... haha, never go school for 2 days
tomolo also not going to school again due to competition...

head hurting now.... got 3 tests today.... i think i flunk my 2158 test....
studied treaty of versailles but the peace treaties of St. Germain and Trianon came out instead...
Counldn't remember wat was given to who..... screwed up my territorial and political terms.

Heard that our physics teacher, Mr Sirhan found out bout Jia Jun's blog and screwed Jia Jun yesterday but seems that he escaped....
Mr Sirhan punished Goutham becoz he never bring the assignment book.
But then, he let him into the class again.
All was fine till Gouthman started talking in class.
Mr Sirhan say that he is a distraction.
but Goutham say that he is not a distraction, but an attraction
After class,
Mr Sirhan made him hold a piece of paper and walk all the way to HOL office
On the paper, Mr Sirhan wrote: 'I am DAMN SEXY'

Looks like I missed out a lot during my absence from school.... got to work hard to catch up after the competiition, but for now, better concentrate on the team event ,next 3 games tomolo.....
hope i dun screw up like i did on Wed.

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