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Thursday, April 14, 2005


Damn bored now... to much homework and stress... at a lost...
Well, today quite ok, so monotonous that you can sleep.
Ms Marah's class after school was quite interesting... especially when we managed to make her tell us something she was hesitant to share. It was about... erm.. cannot say.... we are all "Sworn to Secrecy".. so lets keep things that way -- a secret.
Heard we did quite well in the Nationals Cross Country Championships. Congratulations to all the winners.

Got home quite late. Finished some of my homework, but willl have to stop and settle my files as they still have a file check. Too bad boys aren't known to be very neat.... Don't think those all-girls school have all these... Maybe they have. But I never did ask.

Thought otherwise about moving my blog to Diary-x. Too used to blogger already. Anyway, moving over means I have to rewrite certain parts of my HTML, especially the default style of the blog entries. Also, I have finally found the problem whereby my entries are always on the lowercase and no capital letters at all. I cannot believe I overlooked it all these while. It all because of the layer (div) setting "TEXT-TRANSFORM: lowercase" which I acidentally added.

Hopefully, I will be watching Last Exile and Shaman King tonight, if I have the time and don't fall asleep before that....


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