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Friday, July 28, 2006

tired eyes, sore fingers

My eyes are going to close, and my fingers, more accurately my thumb is about to come off..

So tired... 2.4km trial run today. So boring.. had to run within the school. Wished we could have run outside, round the school.... It always seems shorter running outside the school although the actual distance is more than 2.4km. Finished it in 11.58mins...

The worse part was after the run, we had an almost non-existant break, before heading to the chemistry labs for our 'A' Level Chemistry Science Practiacal Assessment (SPA) Skill D... That reminds me... next week I still have 'A' Level Biology SPA.

So its PE, 2 periods of chem, 2 periods of GP and then 1 period of econs... Don't know how I kept my eyes open... Quite a feat...

Then training... My thumb again suffered the consequences of excessive pressure and friction.... Whats left of the piece of skin still attached to my thumb got 'ripped' off... Ok can say its my fault for going training even though I know my thumb is injured... Oh well.. too late to regret now...

*Site updates

LOLx.. for now, the old layouts are back. Yup... yx, the sister chromatids are back...

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