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Monday, July 24, 2006

Birthday celebration and blog

Went out today to celebrate my friend's birthday.

Watched Pirates of the Carribean.
Looks like there is going to be the 3rd instalment of the show, judging by the type of ending they had... And the short part after the credits was lame. We sat through the whole credit just to see a dog biting a bone... -_-"

At lunch at around 4pm. LOLx.
The train ride home was crowded as there was disruptions in the North-East Line.
Phew! Long wait too.

Oh man... looks like fileden is down...
The graphics for this blog as well as the bowling blog is out.

Had to create a temporary layout for this blog and take away the other stylesheets for the time being. good also.. Time for me to revamp the whole base coding.
After doing the bowling blog, I figured that my current coding for this site isn't as semantic as i thought it would be. it would do with some further improvements. After trial runs with the style layout changer, I am contemplating whether to take it off in lieu with the current problem of over-dependence on a host for the css layout.
Though there are benefits of having an external stylesheets, I think an internal stylesheet for a blog is more practical.

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