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Friday, July 21, 2006

Drenched soaked

Ok, I was drenched, soaked or what other terms you can think of to describe being wet from walking in the rain. So happy that I almost sung. Sheesh.

Even though I had an excuse from PE from the doctor, I had to walk 4 rounds around the school track. Walked 5 rounds in the end. I don't wanna say why. Later someone complain ...

Had 1 hour 45 minutes of Chem then 1 hour 45 minutes of GP and 55 minutes of econs without any break. It was very hilarious when there was jazz music while we were doing our GP essay. Seems like they were practising for the blacklights (or issit backlights??) event which should have just ended since its close to 11pm now. Too bad they were across the field and cannot ask them to quieten down. And imagine how loud they were if we can hear every note that ensued from their instruments so clearly, taking into account that we were across the field in an air-conditioned class rooms with every hole in the wall closed.

Then came to the part about getting drenched. Waited for a long time b4 I went to get the bowling bags. Supposed to report at 3pm but almost no one was there (ok, maybe only about 5 ppl) came by 2.50pm... Went to the storeroom and it started raining. The key I had was the faulty one and it took quite some time to open the door. Then while walking back, it rained. Moments, just moments after stepping into the shelter, someone called and said they were at the store, standing in the rain. Had to rush back to open. yup, in the rain. Drenched from head to toe. 像落汤鸡似的.

Ok.. I think I will leave out the rest of it. haha

Anyway, training was cool. Although because of the events above, me and the treasurer was like 1 hour late. So happy that I finally got my release correct. Oh and the speed at which my bowling ball travel down the lane doubled (I think). So nice. I lost count of my strikes.. Hope can keep this up.


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