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Friday, July 07, 2006


Yep.. Atrocious.. Thats the word. It describes the JCT results.

What will we get? The words flunk, flunk and flunk seems to appear quite often. Such atrocity is seldom seen and never should be seen again.

And now, the deadline Evaluation of Materials (EOM) and Written Report (WR) for our Project Work (PW) is creeping up. The drafts are expected to be in by next week. Such a rush. Thankfully surveys and implementation was carried out during the June Holidays.

PDP / CCA today was quite or short, depending from whose point of view. 3 hour training... did 2 step drills for 3 hours. Patches of skin on my thumb were ripped off by the bowling ball.. Ouch... Looks like I can't bowl for a while.

OH well.. its the weekends again... Have to finish up the weekend homework as well as JCT reflection (if not more marks will be deducted from the JCT)... Don't think I can do any today. Guess I'll have to "chiong" (rush) everything (the homework) tomorrow...

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