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Thursday, July 13, 2006

JCT and A levels

OH!!! I actually passed my JCT!! Wow... Thats quite a surprise... The amount of moderation done was substantial! However, though it is an overall pass, the marks for each subject is still atrocious.

Across the level, papers like chemistry have almost as many people failing compared to passing.

Cannot change anything now... Only have to look towards the promos and not repeat such catastrophe..

Had my A Level chinese oral today... omg! I actually stuttered and read the last few lines wrongly!! omg omg omg!!! how how?? It was quite bad. The conversation wasn't any better also. The topic was quite unexpected. Worse, I didn't list down a few important points.. on top of that, almost talked out of point....

Tsk tsk... disappointing, disappointing...

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