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Thursday, June 01, 2006

bonded to a chair?

Yup.. That right. Almost got ionic / covalently bonded to a chair.
8am to 12pm!!! 4 hours of Chemistry. Thankfully my brain didn't crystallize.
Had to miss the PDP talk, although I'm not complaining about that.

Suppose to have another PW meeting. However, ended up running around the school finding teachers.

Yesterday was also similar. Had Maths in the morning before the Biology 'A' Level SPA (Science Practical Assessment). Thereafter it was another PW meeting. Had to discuss how to implement the programme.

After splitting up, went home with Phebe. haha. Nice to have a neighbour for a classmate. Suddenly both of us just got the urge to go for a movie. So went over to princess. Unluckily, got spotted by some of Phebe's friends and they assumed... She had a hard time convincing them otherwise...

I really wonder is there anything wrong watching movie with a girl? Must it always mean that there is something going on between the two parties?? Maybe I'm too idealistic to think otherwise?

There must be something about scandals that just appeals to people. People just love it, and would do anything to propagate it.

Anyway, over the hedge was nice. Supposed to watch with a certain person but that person never wait and go watch it first... Grr...
Back to the show, it certainly has its hilarious moments. especially rj and hammy (is that the name?? Cannot remember properly.) the The tickets were cheap too.. Lolx.

Have bowling training tomorrow. Supposed to be the last one before the June Common Test. Tomorrow will also be the handover of roles. The JC2 are to "retire". Don't know who will take over as captain. Even the current captain has no idea.
Held together would the DSA Bowling selections for next year. Don't know how many sec 4s would be coming. But seems that we have quite a handfull.

Till tomorrow then.

Oops.. have to go out now...

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