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Friday, June 30, 2006

Is all over!!

Yup its over alright.. if there is even any hope of passing, I don't really see it now. Don't see any silver lining in any clouds when I came back.

I didn't even have the mood to switch on my computer after the whole thing.
The examination itself was filled with drama...

First there was the voices of agony when we all came out from Chemistry JCT.
Then there was a blackout during the Chinese JCT. The invigilator was the highlight...

She said "No need to talk in a blackout. Please continue your work..." (NOT quoted verbatim)
It was a blackout!! According to dictionary.com, a blackout is the lack of illumination caused by an electrical power failure... How are we supposed to do our work in a power failure without any lights??

Then during our make-up listening comprehension, one guy walked in jiggling his keys!
I can't believe that he didn't know that it was "examination-in-progress"!

Anyway, went out for a movie straight after the last paper. The movie "Just my Luck" was hilarious. If "luck" can be converted into money, that kiss really worth alot.

Found some videos on Disney's High School Musical. Was so bored with the other shows on other channels that I switched to Disney Channel. Surprisingly, the show was quite good. The songs aren't too bad either.

Get'cha Head In The Game

Breaking Free

Going to relax for a while. My Chinese 'A' Level Oral examination is scheduled to be held the following week. So fast....

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