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Monday, June 19, 2006

New Skins / Layouts (Bleach, Simplicity and Stepping Stones)

Took my blog a step further...

I've introduced new Skins / layouts.
On top of this current "Stepping Stones" Skin / Layout, I've added "Simp-1-city" and "Bleach (Anime)" Skin / Layout.

The layouts can be accessed via the sidebar. Take a look and pick your favourite. The user's preference will be "saved" so that the next time you visit, the layout will be used.

Check that section often as I will be adding more layouts after my examinations are over. For now, enjoy this 3.

List of Layouts / Skins:
Stepping Stone
Bleach (Anime)

The Picture used in the Stepping Stones layout is taken by me.
As for the Bleach and Simplicity, the pictures were obtained from bleachexile and google search repectively. However, they have been edited and enhanced using GIMP and Photoshop. A few new elements were added to the Bleach picture.

Please feel free to give your comments via the tagboard. If something doesn't work, please inform me also.


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