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Monday, May 29, 2006

The start of the so-called June Holidays

Did I just say June Holidays?? Maybe I should just leave out the word "holidays".
Not much of a holiday if you have to go back to school everyday for lessons. On my way to school, I saw that even the nearby primary school had lessons.

That comes another question: "What do they actually mean by the word holidays??". Looks like our definition of it is flawed. We still have homework, we still have lessons and we still have to go to school. Not much difference is there??
Oh wait, here comes the teachers definition: "more time to do homework, slightly more time for leisure, longer hours of sleep. Isn't it a perfect holiday??!!". You bet!! NOT!

Thankfully this will only go on for about one and a half weeks, thereafter we will have our holidays.

Eh?! wait!! Not so fast! We won't let you off so easily!! June Common Test is coming right after the holidays!! No slacking!! Study!!

Ok ok... throw in a round of competition and there you have it — your leisure!

Wow!! Isn't this a PERFECT holiday??

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