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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

EXpensive COmmittee

"Whats that?" you may ask. actually its just a joke we came up with at the Bowling EXCO meeting today. Supposed to represent Executive Committee. But we joked about it. Went to Haagen-Daz.. Haha..

Anyway, back to the issue (and I still haven't type the minutes of meeting...), discussed quite a bit today, especially on the future prospects of the team. Got quite a number of problems already. And we have many things to plan.

For starters, the resuming of training, the time as well as the second DSA trial. The rest of the meeting will be released when the appropriate time comes.

In the morning, was also our implementation of our Project Work. Enfresdezh got quite angry as they were coming in late. However, it was quite fun. Played basketball, captains ball and soccer. Too bad I had to leave for my meeting before I could get a chance to use the gym. Surprisingly, we managed to get the gym key.

Tomorrow will be another hectic day. They are saying that they want to go East Coast Park. Sighz. It is really a huge problem. Don't even know how to go home from there. No bus to any place which I can take another transport home. So troublesome!!!!


So far, there hasn't been time for any study. All the time taken by school and other commitments. Getting abit frantic about JCT. Mext week will be National Age Group. Again no time to study.

No choice. The only other thing I can do is to depend on luck. LOL.

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