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Monday, June 05, 2006


Yup.. very pissed..

Suddenly everything seems to be dropping on me. Project Work is creeping up like some vine tying us down.

Then there are other commitments... When can I find time to study? As of now, I am discussing work in the other Window.
I just couldn't take it.

Went bowling to relief stress today. Lanes are so hard to bowl. Like a personification of my week. Bowled 9 Games. Lolx. They were having promotion. A dollar a game. Wow!!.. It felt good.
Then some primary school (or are they secondary school? I not sure). Ok, nevermind about that. Anyway, those irritating idiots came and hog our lanes even before we could finish. I already tried to ignore them. Animals they were.. seriously got some loose jaw or mouth, started scolding vulgar language. That seriously pissed me off. Wanted to tell them off, but in the end didn't. Didn't want to waste by breath on them.

Oh well.

Results for the Bowling EXCO is also out. This year we have a 5 member EXCO, up from 3. I made it in. However, now I know why our seniors are happy to unload the duties. In fact, got a meeting with the teacher in charge this wednesday.

Anyway, got to go back to the discussion.

Thats all for now.

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