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Friday, June 03, 2005

Whoa!! Time Acceleration!

Stop, Stop! It wasn't easy to wait till this time of the year... please don't pass so quickly.. Please!! Its Friday already, almost the last day of the first week of school holidays, it just seems so short.

Yesterday had lessons in the morning. Mr Sirhan managed to finish our whole secondary school syllabus, and gave us even more homework fot the holidays.
The 2nd lesson, which was Chemistry, ended early as Mr Wong found us very saturated and cannot consentrate any longer.
Went to Lido (Shaw) for lunch. Andrew decided to watch Star-Wars with Darrick, Shaun Giam, Jovian instead. Zhi Wei and few others had CCA camp thus were unable to come. Jeremy said it was a waste of time and didn't want to come. In total there was about 18 of us.

Had a great time at sentosa. Played soccer, volleyball, Captains' ball and many others. Our team
got thrashed badly. Watched Kenneth and Rueben play pool. Decided to give it a try. I think I played quite well for at a first timer.

Dinner @ noodle hut. Singapore ought to have more Halal food stalls and restaurants. Noodle hut wasn't halal and we had to walk around World Trade Center looking for a halal restaurant. Pizza for Friends, Pastamania were all non-halal. In the end poor Haiqal had to "take-away" from the food court upstairs and bring the food into noodle hut. Since Mr Wong was treating, Goutham and Davidson took the opportunity to order the "black pepper soft-whell crab la mien". Theirs was the most expensice among all our food. The total price of that meal came to about 250 bucks. Millions of thanks to Mr Wong, on behalf of the class and myself!

Came home at about 2230 hrs. Watched Shaman King at night before sleeping.

most probably going out again today. Will be starting my homework next week. The PC show has started. Contemplating whether to go.

Oh yar... decided to put the counter back on my blog. Looks nicer. Did some rearrangements within the source code so that the page loads faster.

Something seems to be wrong either with my internet connection or blogger. Blogger seems to be unusally slow.I had to send this blog entry via email.


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