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Monday, June 06, 2005

Singlish - The Singaporean English!

There is much hype about Singlish nowadays, and is under fire from appalled teachers and foreigners alike. They have complained that Singaporean students are using broken english and sentences were structurally incorrect. Many were also said to be not "adept" at switching between English and Singlish when the need arises.

The Singapore government has already started a campaign - The "speak good English" campaign years ago. But should Singlish ever be phased out?? Well, it depends on which point of view you take.

Language activists would certainly flip over the idea of phasing out Singlish. However, many would argue that Singlish is what defines us Singaporeans. Even some of the language researchers marvel at how we had woven these intricate languages of all 4 majors races in Singapore into one, although it had left many foreigners perplexed by it. After all being a multi-racial society, having a "combined" language like Singlish is quite pertinent. It maybe "crass, uncouth and annoyingly loud" but we just have to learn to live with it. For a place that lacks a long history and culture like China, Singlish has become an identity to many Singaporeans.

Yes, there are better reasons other than Singlish to be proud of Singaporeans, but the most prominent of all is still Singlish.

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