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Friday, June 17, 2005

At last, can blog

At last, after 3 days, finally got everything loaded after reformatting my computer. My blog went dead for a while as I was busy "saving" my computer from the damn Win32.Mytob virus. Got that stupid virus from my school's email account. I won't even try and explain how I got it in the first place. That file was deemed "clean" by norton and trend-micro antivirus softwares. The virus definition/signature for the virus only came out, if I am not wrong, on 15 June 2005, but I was infected on Monday, 13 June 2005.
LuckilyI had ZoneAlarm active, and got suspicious when the program asked for permission to access the internet. Did a search and figured it was a virus. Sent the file to CA labs and they confirmed my conclusion. Didn't want to take any chances, so reformatted my computer.
Thinking after switching to linux soon. I am quite impressed with Red Hat linux's Fedora Core 4.

Wednesday, I finally met up with my friends for the Social Studies project. At least the project is already done. Seems that none of us finished our holiday homework... Have to rush soon. only a few more days b4 all of us have to turn on the throttle. Gone were the days of slacking.

Quite a number of interesting shows. Wanted to watch batman begins but couldn't find anyone which wasn't busy playing games. I think the June 25 will not have a go ahead. Shu have test, Leon got Sentosa, Shaun going overseas.

Grace will be back from Shanghai for 2.5 months. It is their summer break. Its funny that just as our holidays are ending, hers is starting. Geez.... I am getting jealous. Thats quite a long break. We never get such a long break in Singapore. Even if the break is long, we are sure to be summoned back to school for some activity or another. Oh well, what choice do we have.

Must admit, I have been watching alot T.V. shows lately. For example, the serial: Young Justice Bao and the anime on arts central: Sharman King.
Haha, if I would only be like the guy named Gongsun Ce on Young Justice Bao, good in all four components: 琴, 棋, 书, 法 (music, chess, studies, calligraphy), basically good in everything.

hmm.. I guess thats all (for now)...

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