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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The pursue of immortality

"You do not need to live forever. You just have to know how to live..." Sounds confusing but is actually very relevant and true.

How to live eternally, if not, longer, are some of the questions I am sure many people will come to think about. But is there a need for a person to live longer if all that is expected of the person is done and he has accomplished whatever he/she has set out to do?? Is there any need to extend your live if you have lived in contentment and had a very fruitful life?? I am sure there isn't a need for that. A person will wish to live longer only when that person still has somethings that he/she cannot let go... for example, an unwed child.

With life, there must certainly have death, before there is a complete cycle. As a person grows older, gradually he /she will look at things from a wider angle. To live and let live. To forgive and forget. Fear of death and then seeking of immortality is not the answer to everything.

Man has ventured into cloning in hope to keep endangered species from dwindling in there numbers till the extent of perishing. However the theory of cloning a person has already materialize in many of scientists, though there is much hesitation on venturing into this forbidden ground.

Pet owners want this technology to clone thir faithful bloodhound so that they will be with them forever. 'Dolly' the sheep was an example of how far technology had advanced . Though the cloning was a success, the clone did not live long and died due to accelerated aging. There are still many things that are beyond mankinds' control and understanding.

Therefore, whether mankind will take a step into these voids will be left for the current and future generations to decide.

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