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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Those...... arrgh !!

Two days! only two days! When I didn't have time to check my email and I get over 50+ spam and virus ladden emails across my 4 main email aliases. I even got emails saying my email addressed got spoofed.
I hate to think about the other 10 email accounts I have not check for weeks.

Just what the hell is going on in the morass of neurons those virus writers and spammers have. It is tough finding an answer to their idiosyncratic behaviour. To think they could have used that intelligent brain of theirs to help people instead of stepping over the blue line - over to the other unglamourous side of the law.

It would be understandable if they are kleptomaniacs, but that is rarely the case. most are just sadistic. Lapping up the joy of bringing a company or a person to their knees.

Choosing to use their knowledge of programming and computers for nefarious purposes.

It's a pity they will never realise that it takes twice as much courage to do something right as opposed to doing something wrong.

It's a real pity...

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