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Monday, May 30, 2005

'O' Level Chinese

Yeah!! 'O' Level Chinese Paper 1 and 2 finally over...
Well it wasn't that bad, except when I forgot how to 造 the phrase 怯场.
Paper 1 the 报章报道 was exactly the same as the one in the composition book we bought a month ago.... damn!! should have paid more attention to the contents of that book.... Luckily I browsed through this morning, so could still remember certain points.
Well, at last we can say that our holidays have started... but then again, what are holidays?? To teachers, it means: doing homework / mugging / studying in your own pace. To our History 2158 teacherm it means sleeping 8 hours a day, 12 hours of study and 4 hours for breakfast, lunch, tea-break, dinner, supper and bathing.... gosh!.... students nowadays have no life..........

I edited my blog again. The full text of the disclaimer has been taken off, replaced by a link which onclick, popups a alert stating the disclaimer. Also the disclaimer has been revised.
A blog search engine form, from Technorati has been added.
Visible counter stats has been taken off as I found no point of announcing the number of visitors to the online community. Blogs are supposed to be personal and not driven by the number of visitors.
The blog song has also been changed. Now playing Rascal Flatts :Bless The Broken Road.

It will be 2 more days before going back to school for lessons again. Going to rest well this 2 days. Supposed to go back to school tomorrow for chinese oral practice but it is set too late in the evening, at 5pm to 6pm.... Don't think I will be going.

Finally got the Fabric of the Nation project done with. Supposed to be due last friday. But one of the group members never print out the photos. Another did not bring the required materials. Thus we had to drag until today, but **** (p.s. that's not the 'f' word) , the school printer just refused to work... In the end had to hand in the thumbdrive instead. Now lets hope our english teacher will accept that.

Channel 5 showing Men In Black (MIB) tonight. Dunno how many times AXN has showed it.
Well, I'm gonna watch it anyway!

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